6×6 Summer Blog Tour

From the time I first read Kesha Bruce’s tweets on twitter, she stood out. She wasn’t just a fellow artists tweeting away about her creative endevours.

She was also reaching out to other artists doing so with a genuine passion. Her determination to succeed is contagious and so I couldn’t help but ask to be part of her 6×6 Blog Tour!

Kesha: 6×6, a series of six, back to back, one week only art exhibitions in New York City starting Thursday September 8, 2011. 6×6 is an art version of a music festival highlighting a line-up of twelve international artists, including many works on view for the first time in New York.

The exhbition will touch on the following topics: In addition to the art exhibits, there will also be additional programming for emerging collectors, artists and art lovers through out the 6 weeks.

Source: Kesha Bruce Studio Blog

Hope this interview provides you with some insight into what determination and creativity really mean… and where it will take you.

Q1: These days, fewer artists are solely relying on the traditional selling methods such as art gallery representation and sales. In your experience, what new avenues do you believe possess a great deal of opportunity for artists (on small budgets) looking to come out of the “gallery box” and have more control over their sales?

Kesha: I’m a big fan of learning how to build your own list of collectors and sell directly to them.  Galleries come and go…especially in this tough economy.  When Charlie Grosso and I decided to organize 6×6, we wanted to not only produce exhibitions, but use it as a platform.  We’re trying to lead by example and show artists that they are completely capable of producing their own exhibitions and opportunities to share and sell their work.

Honestly, I think this is a really exciting time to be an artist.  The tides are changing.  We have so many options.  We just need to learn to use them effectively.

Q2: There is a common intrinsic fear (certainly within myself) amongst new upcoming artists. We fear the risks that come with exposing ourselves and taking new steps. What challenges and rewards should upcoming artist be prepared for when they decide to “DIY and do it big” ?

Kesha: I’m going to let you in on a little secret: No matter what stage of your career you’re at—it’s always scary to come out from behind your work and really “put yourself out there”.  It’s a vulnerable place to be.  On the other hand, it’s a real opportunity to connect with people and share your work. You just have to work little by little to show and talk about your work in spite of your fears.

Q3: As an artist, do you find yourself gravitating towards other artists often for support and feedback. Have you formed some long lasting business relationships with other artists that have affected your success?

Kesha: Absolutely.  I would say 90% of my friends are artists. I still stay in touch with a select group of people from graduate school and I met lifelong friends during my residency at the Vermont Studio Center. These people are more than just friends, they have become my coworkers, advisors, and business partners.

One of the best things you can do for your art career is to become an active member of an arts community.  That community can be on-line or it can be in “3-D”, but you need to find it.  Artists thrive in communities.  Other artists aren’t your competition—they are your greatest allies.

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