Summer 2011 Newsletter – A Fork in the Road

It seems as though I’ve been walking down a straight and narrow road for quite some time with my work. I have always aimed to reproduce a piece from source material to the best of my ability.

But what exactly is my style? I seem to be at a fork in the road. The road to the right says ‘Realism’ while that to the left says ‘Representational’.

Now I’m always awed by the work of realists and how they manage to go from a blank palette to what looks like a photograph. They have such a great attention to detail and great mastery of their medium that they can do almost anything!

On the other side I’m also awed by the work of representational artists who recreate the source material but are able to find a balance between the details, knowing what to add and what to leave out. They are able to bring forth some of their self into each piece and their style is evident. It’s not just ‘photographic’ it’s truly ‘artistic’.

Where is my work heading, what am I aiming for? This is the fork in the road that I’ve arrived at and can’t decide which path naturally follows or suits me.

Fellow artists have you’d ever found yourself in this position or similar regarding your style? I’m not sure if it’s something I need to sit down and determine or if it will naturally be decided for me.