February 2015 – Because I Can

Stalking in progress… yes I’ll admit it… stalking in progress. If you post some beautiful photos with great lighting on facebook or instagram, don’ be surprised if you get an email from me requesting use of your reference photo.That’s what happened in this case. A facebook friend of mine posted a portrait photo of themselves in black and white which had amazing background lighting. The was in which the edge of his face was illuminated just enough for you to see his features amidst a dark foreground…that got me!

So after looking at the photo a few times, zooming in and out to see how the light fell across his face, I decided that indeed this photo needed an artistic rendition.

And below is my artistic rendition of this determined, successful, entrepreneur, suitably entitled ‘Because I Can”.


© 2015 Vanessa Turner
charcoal on wallis sandpaper
12 x 9 inches

Be advised, great photos will be stalked for artistic suitability, you have been warned haha!