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Welcome to my art blog where you’ll find weekly updates regarding my latest work, exhibitions and artistic journey. My blog is my online journal. I love talking with viewers and fellow artists so  feel free to comment or ask me a questions on any of my posts!



Summer Days – My Island Home

For a long time now I’ve been talking about how I’d like to begin painting the beauty around me that I call ‘my island home’. In the past I had tried a landscape pieces here and there but struggled with them mostly.

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Onions Don’t Make Me Cry

Years ago I wrote a blog post entitled “It’s More Than That“. I had written it in response to a question a friend asked about still life paintings: “Aren’t you tired of painting fruit, I swear you’re always painting some round thing”.

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A Few New Goodies

Who needs new shoes and clothes when you could have more art supplies instead! Arrrrrttttttt Supppppplieees! Yes it’s that exciting!

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The Process

As much as I would love for every single piece I create to be “the masterpiece”, it doesn’t happen that way.

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Beneath the Sand

At the beginning of the year, I mentioned how I would like to expand my portfolio to include the beauty of the island I call home. 

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Because I Can

Stalking in progress… yes I’ll admit it… stalking in progress. If you post some beautiful photos with great lighting on facebook or instagram, don’ be surprised if you get an email from me requesting use of your reference photo.

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Artist Network Feature

Two years ago I would have never thought I’d reach this stage. But this month I received a reminder of what hard work and dedication can afford you.

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A New Year

As the new year rolled in, I spent it with family, good food, and art! Can you believe it’s 2015 already! Goodness it doesn’t even feel right typing “2015”. Where has the time gone? It flies by way too fast for me… way too fast. And indeed I said that exact same thing at the end of 2013.

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Holiday Express

Ola!! It has been a quiet but busy December in between work and family. I suppose everyone can somewhat identify with that at this time of year. Feels like I just got off the holiday express and it was a turbulent ride LOL.

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