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Welcome to my art blog where you’ll find weekly updates regarding my latest work, exhibitions and artistic journey. My blog is my online journal. I love talking with viewers and fellow artists so  feel free to comment or ask me a questions on any of my posts!


Through a Whirlwind and Back

Wow it’s been so long since I last updated my site or blogged… (Long to me as I typically blog weekly). But I have good reason I promise you!

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New Art Supplies & New Work!

I’ve been working on a few new still life pieces and portraits over the last few weeks. I was fortunate enough to be given tons of art supplies this holiday by my lovely family and also courtesy of the lovely people at DNA Creative!

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It’s That Time Again

It’s almost that time again in Bermuda. Loquat season! Thought I’d repost this one for those that missed it last time. If you don’t know how to make use out of loquat season, you will after reading this.

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What You Don’t See – The Gap

For the most part, the artwork you see published on my website and blog are what I consider to be my successful pieces of work.

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2014 – Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

Wow 2014!! The years are beginning to feel like a blur. I wish they’d slow down a little so that we could enjoy it more.

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Strokes of Genius

Some great news came my way this week (an early holiday gift “Yesi!!!” as Bermudians say).

I’m pleased to say that my portrait work has been selected  for publishing within the Strokes of Genius series. This publication is tentatively titled “Art Journey – People“.

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Beautifully Human

This year I developed a series called “Beautifully Human” which is essentially a series of nude figure paintings. I consider the series to be only the beginning of a portfolio I hope to develop over time.

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Etsy Store – Now Open!

I have finally launched an Etsy Store! Within my Etsy Store you will find a wonderful array of mini pastel paintings, notecards and catalogues, perfect for the person looking for affordable fine art gifts or looking to expand/start their own fine art collection on a budget.

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The Post Exhibition Blues

Many artists work extremely hard and go full speed for months (sometimes a year) in preparation for an exhibition. There is a vast commitment of time (intense deadlines included), money and emotion over the preparation. So understandable, after that exhibition comes to an end, there’s that great sigh of relief.

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Bingle Jells! – This Weekend

The Annual Christmas Holiday Exhibition at the Dockyard Arts Centre
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My Island My Home

4 painting in progress, with the key ingredient in the middle!

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The Abstraction Challenge – Week 2

This week I’ve been working on my pieces for the abstract pastel course which I’m doing. The course is being taught by  fellow pastel artist Debora Stewart.

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