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January 2017 – Peace in Simplicity

It’s pretty common for people to have a list of numerous New Years resolutions. In the past have made resolutions here and there and stuck to perhaps 30% of them. Primarily because I either just couldn’t be bothered or didn’t create a lifestyle that allowed me to stick to them.

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October 2016 – Ready & Willing

Registration for the IAPS 2017, the biggest pastel artist party in the world, opened this month. Registration was quite hectic with some 400+ artists attempting to register within seconds of the registration page going live… me being one of them.

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September 2016 – She Will Move Mountains

Baby Zora, this is my latest pastel piece. Check out how I managed to capture the softness and texture of her hair. That is perhaps my favorite part of this painting. I keep looking at each individual coil wanting to twirl it gently between my finger tips.

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August 2016 – When Our 3 Became 4

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog, my website, my portfolio… I say “a while” but really it has been a full year. Nevertheless saying “a while” somehow makes it seem like less than a year and hence makes me feel better, so we’ll just go with that ok!

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February 2015 – Because I Can

Stalking in progress… yes I’ll admit it… stalking in progress. If you post some beautiful photos with great lighting on facebook or instagram, don’ be surprised if you get an email from me requesting use of your reference photo.

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