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January 2017 – Peace in Simplicity

It’s pretty common for people to have a list of numerous New Years resolutions. In the past have made resolutions here and there and stuck to perhaps 30% of them. Primarily because I either just couldn’t be bothered or didn’t create a lifestyle that allowed me to stick to them.

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October 2016 – Ready & Willing

Registration for the IAPS 2017, the biggest pastel artist party in the world, opened this month. Registration was quite hectic with some 400+ artists attempting to register within seconds of the registration page going live… me being one of them.

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September 2016 – She Will Move Mountains

Baby Zora, this is my latest pastel piece. Check out how I managed to capture the softness and texture of her hair. That is perhaps my favorite part of this painting. I keep looking at each individual coil wanting to twirl it gently between my finger tips.

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August 2016 – When Our 3 Became 4

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog, my website, my portfolio… I say “a while” but really it has been a full year. Nevertheless saying “a while” somehow makes it seem like less than a year and hence makes me feel better, so we’ll just go with that ok!

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