Do we truly recognise great art when we see it?

On Art Biz Blog, the following question was posted:

Is great art obvious?
Does it hit you over the head?
Do you have to spend time with it to understand its greatness?
While we’re at it . . . What is great art?

Source: Art Biz Blog – Is Great Art Obvious

It really is a good question, and I found it difficult to answer.

I believe to some degree that great art is recognisable because technically it contains the basic elements that make an art piece of high quality and shows that the artist has mastered their skill.

But , with that said, I think it is also largely subjective because of ‘taste and style’. If a person is an art collector and is somewhat educated when it comes to art of various styles and mediums, they may perhaps be able to say that it is a great work of art but not their ‘taste’. However I believe that most often people will equate taste to quality and will not recognize a great work of art because it does not fit their taste.

So in a sense, an artist may be underrated because their style is not understood or appreciated.

What is your view on this? Do you think you would recognise great art even if it didnt’ appeal to you?