October 2010 – Don’t lose sight of the goal…

I recently read an amazing article on the Pastel Pointers Blog entitled “Painting Evaluation – Know the Goals” by Richard McKinley.

The article really made me think a great deal about my own expectations and views of exhibitions and art sales.

Often as fine artists we tend to use our acceptance into juried art exhibitions, art sales, and competition winnings as away in which to validate the worth of our work. It’s an easy habit to fall into, especially for the perfectionists and those who must have others accept their work in order to accept it themselves… but be careful…

Though these are surely signs of success, they are not the means by which we should value or validate our work. You see, it is merely 1-3 people’s opinion at most that will determine if your work is selected into an exhibition or chosen as the winner in a specific category. Obviously the critiques are always useful and should never be taken for granted, but as artists we must keep things in perspective. Opinions vary so much from one person to the next, they are governed by our style, experiences, desires etc. So by all means, what does not appeal to one will appeal to another.

So I’d like to take a moment to warn you, myself, and other artists not to fall into a cycle of “please the lone opinion”. Keep doing what it is you are doing. Take into account the critiques and make adjustments as you see fit. But at the end of the day don’t lose sight of the real goal. And that’s simply to produce art in accordance with your art philosophy, no matter how it may please the lone opinion, because tomorrow that lone opinion may not exists, with many others to follow behind it, all different from the other.

So get out there, get your work in front of the masses and hope for the best. If you feel you didn’t get the response you wanted that’s OK because remember, tomorrow is another day, seize every opportunity while keeping the real goal in mind.

For all artists, crafters, photographers the article “Painting Evaluation – Know the Goals” is a must read so be sure to pop by the Pastel Pointers Blog.