June 2011 – Commit to Something Big

I’ve been thinking lately of ways in which to produce more work to build my portfolio and provide more opportunities to learn more through a variety of works.

Since I work full time, and along with life’s other responsibilities , I  need an idea that “reasonable/feasible” for me. All of this pastel and charcoal dust has to amount to something! So I’ve decided to Commit to Something Big !

“Big ideas motivate us to take action, and each action builds momentum toward a larger goal. ”

Source: Commit to Something Big – Alyson B. Stanfield

I recently viewed the blogs of artists Duane Keiser and Judy Palermo who often work on small canvases and are big names in the “a painting a day”  revolution. I was inspired to challenge myself similarly. I certainly won’t be completing “a painting a day”; however, I’ve decided to try something. I’m going to commit to doing one mini painting (8 x 10″ or smaller) each week, and I’ll post the finished piece weekly.

What I’m attracted to and looking forward to the most is the opportunity this creates for me to become more disciplined towards painting.  When you don’t paint frequently, artists risk producing a body of work that is inconsistent in style and varies greatly in quality. So by painting more frequently, I’m hoping that I will be able to address a greater variety of subjects and techniques while solidifying my own personal style.

So what do you think of this idea? Fellow artists, feel free to join me in this challenge or share any of your own. We all need some encouragement along the way. I’ll post my first mini art piece soon!