Spring 2014 Newsletter – Familiar Territory

It has been almost 2 months since I last painted. I’ve done some creative work, such as framing, journaling, reading etc. But having not painted in two months seemed to be taking its toll.

I started a new art piece this week and I honestly believe that my soul was grieving because it had been so long since I last painted… For the first few minutes my materials did not seem as familiar to me, and it probably took about 15min for the confidence to return and then I was  back in familiar territory. By now this is a process I’ve come to understand… You have to have a bit of patience and acceptance to see it through without building frustration.

Here are the results of last evening’s work. I’ve almost completed the charcoal underpainting and will soon start layering the pastel on top. This piece will be a “quadriptych”, meaning that it is composed of 4 individual pieces which together shall form one art piece. This will be the first time I’ve done a quadriptych.

I’m feeling excited about this one! Stay tuned to see how I progress through the piece.