February 2017 – Beginnings

Throughout the painting process one of the hardest parts for me is the beginning. I sit there with a blank sheet of paper/surface knowing all that I need to do to transform it into a beautiful work of art, knowing all of the work that will be involved, knowing all of the challenges it may bring… and yet be open to welcome all of that on. Indeed for me (not all) the hardest part is the beginning.

The Pastel Journal Magazine recently had a great excerpt which briefly touched on this:

No matter what you do or where you go, there’s a point at which you’re just getting started. Think of the high school graduate. The new employee. The marathon runner. Sometimes, that beginning stage is exciting. Other times, daunting. Many times, it’s both. And so it is with painting. Whether you’re a new student of art or an established practitioner, every time you start a new painting, you are—in a sense—a “beginner,” determining how and where to put down that first mark.

This issue will be hitting newsstands in early fall, right about the time that students are heading back to school to start a new term. Why not take the opportunity to join in this season of fresh starts? Renew your commitment to making art. Start a new painting. Try a new surface or underpainting technique. And celebrate the “magic of beginnings.”

“In The Beginning” by Anne Hevener

Quite often we view the beginning of any journey as daunting because we focus too much on the challenges instead of the opportunities and wonderful experiences that will come. So here’s a little encouragement for yourself, and me to have more courage in the beginning and have faith in our ourselves.