January 2014 – What You Don’t See: The Gap

For the most part, the artwork you see published on my website and blog are what I consider to be my successful pieces of work. But what you don’t see are the pieces that I struggled with, the pieces that challenged me beyond my capabilities, the pieces that I could not yet understand, the pieces that I was not yet ready for, the pieces that frustrated me, the pieces that remain unfinished, the pieces that made me feel as though I wasted my materials, the pieces that to me were not good enough… the many… many… many pieces.

But despite it all, and even amidst the frustration, I remind myself frequently that not every piece will be a masterpiece. Because it takes more than talent to produce something great. It takes continuous hard work, experience and a willingness to learn… BECAUSE sometimes there is this GAP.


Ira Glass – The Gap

The only way to reach that point where almost every piece is a masterpiece… is to keep going and DO A LOT OF WORK. I have to keep painting, keep learning and keep producing pieces (even if some are “file 13”) because each one teaches me something different and failure is an inherent part of success. Eventually such experiences will help to CLOSE THE GAP so that my work will always be AS GOOD AS MY AMBITIONS.

As we go forward into a new year give yourself permission and time to close the gap. Take time to learn, and appreciate the journey and processes ahead of you. We each have our challenges. Great things don’t happen overnight! But great things happen with passion and dedication!

What Gaps will you close in 2014?