September 2014 – Into The Light

Not too long ago I wrote a post entitled “Twenty Shadows” about those dark places our mind sometimes goes during times of difficulty.

In summary I talked about the days, weeks, and months that sometimes appear to be far more difficult than others making it seem as though there are twenty shadows over you. Coping and thriving through those difficulties is a necessity, but coping and thriving can seem like an art form that takes a lifetime to master. At the end of the day is the difficulty really a difficulty at all or rather our inability to reason through it? (Read the full discussion here)

There comes a time when out of those shadows you emerge into the light. Hopefully having learned how to better cope in times of challenge and difficulty.

I have entitled my latest piece “Into The Light” to represent that very feeling. A woman looks towards the light, shadows behind her with a willing and hopeful expression.

IMG_1575 3

© 2014 Vanessa Turner
pastel on artspectrum colourfix
16 x 12 inches