October 2016 – Ready & Willing

Registration for the IAPS 2017, the biggest pastel artist party in the world, opened this month. Registration was quite hectic with some 400+ artists attempting to register within seconds of the registration page going live… me being one of them. But with some patience and persistence I managed to get through the process and I’m fully registered!!

I last attended this conference in June 2013, at which time I had a blast. I didn’t attend in 2015 due to a combination of factors, difficulty registering, new family addition on the way etc. But I vowed in 2013 that I would be back again and now it’s happening. Albuquerque will see me in June 2017!

I registered for a few workshops and will also watch a few demos from some of what we term pastel artist celebrities, I can’t wait! As you know, balancing home and a fulltime job/business leaves less room that I would like for art… in fact most weeks it leaves no room at all. So it’s moments and experiences like this that I value a lot. I learned a great deal from the workshops and demos at the 2013 Convention. In addition, I met so many artists I up until then, only knew through social media/blogs. It was an enriching experience, and my soul is ready and willing for the next… Not to mention the “candy store”…aka new art supplies!

If you’re also planning to attend in 2017, please let me know so that we can keep in touch.