May 2015 – Onions Don’t Make Me Cry

Years ago I wrote a blog post entitled “It’s More Than That“. I had written it in response to a question a friend asked about still life paintings: “Aren’t you tired of painting fruit, I swear you’re always painting some round thing”.

In my prior post I explained that after being somewhat perplexed by the question, and not being sure what to say at first… I eventually responded: “No, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of still life, because it’s not just fruit, it’s more than that.”

When it comes to still life, I feel that one can take a common object and create something beautiful and meaningful. By remaining highly sensitive to the subtleties of light and shadow, I use still life to create intimate reflections of everyday life. Finding beauty in the common place is important to me as a form of reflection, appreciation and gratitude. Quite often we go about life at full speed but never slow down to truly appreciate it. We’re always t buys trying to “get to the next place/thing/stage etc.” I use still life to help people to slow down, and find some satisfaction in life’s most basic offerings.

Here is my latest still life piece which started off as a charcoal sketch…


And from there I began layering in colour slowing…

Until I had layerd in enough to call it done!

Did you ever notice the immense beauty of a simple onion?
© 2015 Vanessa Turner
pastel on artspectrum colourfix
9 x 12 inches