April 2012 – Self Induced Foolishness

You ever had one of those weeks where all you could think about is how much you have to do and how little time you have?

You spend most of your time worrying about if and how you will get it done … and what would happen if you didn’t get it done… Yup that’s what kind of week I had. So much so that I found my self glancing at my task list every hour of everyday.

But sometimes life has a way of telling you to chill out and relax. In the midst of my busy stressful week, my phone stopped working, I caught a bad cold and ….. my hard drive crashed! Did you read that last one? My hard drive crashed! … Oh no big deal if you have your files backed up right, but did I? Nope not a single one… I lost everything! In the midst of mass panic and looming deadlines I took my hard drive from one computer business to another hoping someone… anyone… could perform a data recovery on my drive. I didn’t have time for something like this!

After 3 days I came to the realization that my files were gone. I was tired and stressed but soon I found myself smiling because sometimes life is just so damn ridiculous that you can’t help but laugh. Seriously, my drive had to crash this week of all weeks? The one week that I had soooo much to do?

Looking back I have to admit and accept that the stress I felt was self induced… just self induced foolishness. It’s a habit that I’m working to break over time, a habit that I’m sure may be familiar to you too.

Nevertheless, after I finally decided to stop worrying it seemed like things began to fall into place. I did what I could as time allowed in between rest, refusing to worry. What didn’t get done would just have to wait until some other time… when I felt like it … and guess what, one company did manage to recover the data on my hard drive! If I could do back-flips I would!

Moral of the story, most stress is self induced and unnecessary. Many of us have adopted a horrible habit of feeling as though things need to be done right away no matter the cost to ourselves or others. The next time you are feeling overwhelmed take a step back and ask yourself if the stress you’re feeling is really from the tasks/situations or is it really you… Furthermore, is it really that so much is being asked of you or in reality have you subconsciously decided to take on too much? You too suffering from self induced foolishness?

Breath, stretch, let it go…