Fall 2011 Newsletter – Self Portraits, Discovering One’s Self

Artists often compile a few self portraits throughout their creative journey. 

The creative process has always been one of self discovery and is not based on mere technical know-how. When an artist makes a decision to produce a self portrait, it’s very introspective.

Some artist do so to simply further study the human anatomy and refine their skills, while others use self portraits to further discover themselves… in an effort to answer a famous question…  ‘Who am I?’There is something different that takes place when you look at your own face, your creases, your expression, your eyes… You see things that you didn’t see before. You ask yourself questions as though you’re trying to get to know someone, and the someone is you. As you paint, you create a view into your soul and reveal the real you in a way that could not have been done otherwise.

© 2011 Vanessa Turner
Artist Self Portrait
Medium: charcoal
Size: 21.5 x 21.5 inches

When you look at this portrait,
what would you guess I was feeling,
what would I have wanted to say?

For each self-portrait, the artist must ask: What expression, pose, style of dress, background, colour, etc. best express the real me? Or perhaps it is the final picture that reveals to the artists who they are. After years of work, artist often ends up with a compilation of portraits essentially showing their life.

“If you cannot capture the essence of your own self, how are you to capture the essence of someone else?”

Quoted by : Bridget Brow

There’s something about portraiture which resonates deeply with me. When completing a portrait, I aim to bring out the essence of a person. It is my intention for the portrait to bear a likeness not only to the person’s features but also their character.