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Afraid of Failure

While reading through the pastel forum posts on Wet Canvas, I came across a post entitled “Afraid of Failure”. Curiosity made me click on it, expecting to see a picture for which an artists was asking for help… but instead I saw this:

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It’s More Than That

I was asked by a friend the other day why I paint food, fruit, vegetables etc. Actually her exact words were: “Aren’t you tired of painting fruit, I swear you’re always painting some round thing”.

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Why Artists Work in Series

I am often asked why I tend to paint in series . It is not usually something I set out to do.

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Do we truly recognise great art when we see it?

On Art Biz Blog, the following question was posted:

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Life’s Lessons and Art

I’ve been attending the  Sharon Wilson School of Art for just under two years now.

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The Message Behind The Art

People mean a lot to me, they are often the source of happiness, laughter, sadness and confusion.

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A Fork in the Road

It seems as though I’ve been walking down a straight and narrow road for quite some time with my work. I have always aimed to reproduce a piece from source material to the best of my ability.

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Painting and Personality – How they mingle

Richard McKinley recently posted an article entitled “Nothing to Lose” on the Pastel Pointers Blog. The article served as a reminder about how much personality plays a role in the way we do things.

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6 Steps to a Great Reputation

Elena Parashko of the Professional Artist Magazine wrote a fantastic article entitled “Building a Reputation”. Parashko stated that an artist’s reputation is built on six main factors:

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The Importance of “Style”

I read a great article in The Professional Artist Magazine entitled “The Importance of Having Look and Style“, written by Jodi Walsh. I’ve posted an excerpt from the article below:

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Top 5 Reasons I Blog

Blogging can take quite a bit of time and it’s definitely a commitment but despite all of that it has been worth it and I’ll tell you why. Here are the top 5 reasons I blog…

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Artist Statement – Explaining the Unexplainable

Artist statements have far more worth to them than people give credit for. So many artists talk daily about the process of painting or drawing, and showing other’s their work in various stages.

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