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Afraid of Failure

While reading through the pastel forum posts on Wet Canvas, I came across a post entitled “Afraid of Failure”. Curiosity made me click on it, expecting to see a picture for which an artists was asking for help… but instead I saw this:

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It’s More Than That

I was asked by a friend the other day why I paint food, fruit, vegetables etc. Actually her exact words were: “Aren’t you tired of painting fruit, I swear you’re always painting some round thing”.

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Why Artists Work in Series

I am often asked why I tend to paint in series . It is not usually something I set out to do.

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Do we truly recognise great art when we see it?

On Art Biz Blog, the following question was posted:

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Life’s Lessons and Art

I’ve been attending the  Sharon Wilson School of Art for just under two years now.

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The Message Behind The Art

People mean a lot to me, they are often the source of happiness, laughter, sadness and confusion.

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A Fork in the Road

It seems as though I’ve been walking down a straight and narrow road for quite some time with my work. I have always aimed to reproduce a piece from source material to the best of my ability.

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Painting and Personality – How they mingle

Richard McKinley recently posted an article entitled “Nothing to Lose” on the Pastel Pointers Blog. The article served as a reminder about how much personality plays a role in the way we do things.

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6 Steps to a Great Reputation

Elena Parashko of the Professional Artist Magazine wrote a fantastic article entitled “Building a Reputation”. Parashko stated that an artist’s reputation is built on six main factors:

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