September 2011 – The Message Behind The Art

People mean a lot to me, they are often the source of happiness, laughter, sadness and confusion.

I am intrigued by the series of personal transformations and journeys that people undergo in life to ultimately find a brief state of balance before the next. And to make life even more complicated it is not only the experiences of our own journey that affect us, but also those of others.

I am a granddaughter, a daughter, a mother, a wife, an aunt, and a friend… as such this concept is very real to me. Women for example, are continuously transforming in marriage, careers, motherhood, friendships etc.

We struggle to be who we are while trying to meet the demands and responsibilities that others and life require of us. It’s a balance that can so easily be brought to the tipping point.

My art addresses these journeys and personal struggles that we all experience yet are not always afforded the opportunity to discuss on a comfortable level.

When I’m painting, each piece of artwork goes through numerous stages as it is built up in layers. Each layer has a different purpose and presents new challenges and struggles. At these stages I constantly remind myself not to feel defeated or give up. Instead, I press on through the difficulty to reveal the end product, a beautiful painting which would not have come to be without the underlying struggle. The process is interestingly reflective of life’s journeys.

They often say “When you look outside, you dream. When you look within, you awaken”. My art is a voice motivating you and I to do both. It is drafted from my soul and delivered through my hands as an offer to you. It is here to encourage acceptance, growth and fortitude.