Summer 2014 Newsletter – Twenty Shadows

There are days, there are weeks, there are months that appear to be far more difficult than others when there are twenty shadows over you. Coping and thriving through those difficulties is a necessity, but coping and thriving seem like an art form that takes a lifetime to master.

I say this because in most instances it is not the challenge itself that truly poses the difficulty, but rather our interpretation of it, our ability to reason through it, our reaction to it due to our beliefs and prior experiences… our patience, our desires, our supposed needs, our assumptions… it is us.

I’m beginning to further understand that before analyzing any difficulty we can first analyze our reactions to that difficulty. Because that will tell us where the difficulty truly resides… Is it something within us, a sensitive place that requires growth and development, a sensitive place that requires nurturing and protection, perhaps it is simply something we recognize and accept…was the reaction due to a trigger that resurfaced… what exactly is “causing” the reaction?

At the end of the day is the difficulty really a difficulty at all or rather our inability to reason through it instead of making the difficulty a “state of being”.

That level of self understanding, coping, and thriving is something that we can all work on, but it’s not an overnight adventure. Each step, each mountain conquered makes for a better life…

So for those of us finding difficulty and challenges in life, I say keep on keeping on because eventually, with greater self understanding… we’ll understand how to handle difficulties, and sometimes before they hit, or better yet, we’ll outgrow them all together.

“Why destroy your present happiness by a distant misery,
which may never come at all?
For every substantial grief has twenty shadows
and most of the shadows are of your own making.”
– Sydney Smith

20130817 Emerald Daydreams - Medium

© 2013 – 2014 Vanessa Turner
pastel on artspectrum colourfix
16 x 12 inches