January 2013 – Bootcamp: It’s not for the weary!

This has been an interesting month thus far. I’ve committed myself to a few great upcoming events this year that I can’t wait to share with you as the time draws nearer. Looking back, I’ve made some leaps and bounds over the years and it’s my intention to continue doing so in some form. I believe that if my heart and mind remain open to the opportunities that life offers, then my dedication will pay off.

Actually, why keep you waiting, I’ll tell you about my latest commitment. I’ve currently taking part in a (drum roll please)….. BOOTCAMP… no it’s not the “loose weight this year” type of bootcamp… and Lord knows I am not in any kind of rehabilitation program (yet)… this class is actually “Art Marketing Bootcamp !!!!!!“.

Art business writer and teacher Alyson Stanfield is taking a group of 100+ artists from all over the globe and leading them through what’s got to be one of the most fearful, tiresome, but worthwhile art business classes out there.

I’m currently 2 weeks in. Each week brings with it a lesson couples with homework and an opportunity to collaborate with fellow creatives. My homework is far from done, in fact I have BEEN WORKING on this (insert choice words here) assignment since last week. But the kicker is that it is forcing me to think of things I never have before and thus there’s a real challenge, one that is needed.

In the midst of assignments and every day life, family, work, and women’s never ending responsibilities, I managed to complete the charcoal layer on my latest painting entitled “Maroon Three”. I hop to have it finished next week.