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6 Reasons Your Artwork Isn't Selling - Woman Painting

6 Reasons Your Artwork Isn’t Selling

Is Your Artwork Collecting Dust? Today I'm sharing the Top 6 reasons your artwork isn't selling so that you can stop going in circles and finally see results! You’ve spent hours putting your blood, sweat and tears into a new body of work and sharing it with the world, only for it ...
Bermuda Palm - Banner with pastel painting of palm leaves

Bermuda Palm

Bermuda Palm Ever since I can remember I have always found a special kind of peace from the outdoors. The coolness of the air, the warmth of the sun as it catches you between the branches... the sound of rustling leaves, the feeling of the damp grass beneath your toes… the smell ...
Central Mass Pastel Society - Marks of Distinction

Marks of Distinction 2021

Central Mass Pastel Society - Marks of Distinction Recently, I was thrilled to learn that my piece First Class Woman was accepted into the Central Mass Pastel Society - Marks of Distinction 2021 Exhibition. There were a total of 360 entries, of which just under 100 were selected! So I'm especially honored that ...
The Globe Magazine 0 Interview with Halla Shafey

Interview with Halla Shafey – The Globe Magazine

The Globe Magazine Spring 2021 Issue Interview with Halla Shafey I had the pleasure of conducting an interview with Halla Shafey, fellow pastellist and award winning artist for the IAPS Spring 2021 Issue of the Globe Magazine. Vincent van Gogh once quoted: “One can speak poetry just by arranging colours well”. The work of ...
Negative Self Talk

Negative Self Talk

You’ve Got to Navigate The Storm Despite our best efforts there are times that we are our greatest hinderance. This hinderance comes from a habit that destroys sooooo many art careers before they even talk.  It’s the habit of negative self-talk. When I first begin working with an artist, it often saddens ...
A Mother's Love

A Mother’s Love

A Mother's Love Sometimes I sit quietly, so I can just remember... As a mom of two, one of which is a teenager now 😩 it’s kinda scary to see how life passes by so quickly. I still remember the soft lullabies and the 3am whisper conversations when it felt like we ...
10 Reasons I Love The Pastel Medium

10 Reasons Why I Love The Pastel Medium

10 Reasons Why I Love The Pastel Medium The definition of love may apply to a wide range of connotations, but for many pastelists, no other word in the English language better defines how we feel about the pastel medium. So today I'm sharing with you, 10 reasons I love the ...
How Do You Create When Life Gets Too Busy

How Do You Create When Life Gets Too Busy?

How Do You Create When Life Gets Too Busy Creating routinely is not something that typically happens naturally for everyone. Many artists, like myself, are balancing another profession, family and so many of life’s responsibilities. Thus it can often leave us wondering - How do you create when life gets too ...

Soul of A Badass Warrior

Akwaaba Gallery - Soul of A Badass Warrior Opening Saturday May 8th, 2021 6pm EST (running until June 12th) 509 South Orange Avenue, Newark, New Jersey 07103, USA Tele: (917) 260 -9122 Email Akwaaba Gallery First Class Woman My latest piece, 'First Class Woman', premiers this month in Akwaaba Gallery's latest exhibition Soul of A Badass ...