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Agave Pastel Painting

One of things I love most in life is a good cup of hot tea in a quiet moment, especially early mornings. I love the stillness before sunrise. Before the busyness of the day sets in... quiet moments that give you time to simply think, smile and reflect. That type ...

Yes – Colour Heals!

It's true, colour heals! Did you ever have one of those cheap mood rings when you were younger? For those of you that didn’t or don’t remember, mood rings supposedly changed color based on your mood. In reality, they changed color based on small changes in your body temperature. The fashion ...
Top 6 Creativity Coaching Myths

Top 6 Creativity Coaching Myths

Today, Let's Chat About The Top 6 Creativity Coaching Myths! I never knew how much a creativity coach could make a difference in my life, and my work, until I had one. I went from never having time to create to developing a body of work. I went from confused and ...