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Soul of A Badass Warrior

Akwaaba Gallery - Soul of A Badass Warrior Opening Saturday May 8th, 2021 6pm EST (running until June 12th) 509 South Orange Avenue, Newark, New Jersey 07103, USA Tele: (917) 260 -9122 Email Akwaaba Gallery First Class Woman My latest piece, 'First Class Woman', premiers this month in Akwaaba Gallery's latest exhibition Soul of A Badass ...
Beginning - The Hardest Step

Beginning – The Hardest Part

Beginning – The Hardest Step Throughout the painting process one of the hardest parts for me is the beginning. This is the time when you sit there with a blank sheet of paper/surface thinking of the steps required to transform it into the beautiful work of art that you envision. The Fear ...
Are You Destroying Your Fine Art Collection

Are You Destroying Your Fine Art Collection?

Are You Destroying Your Fine Art Collection? You have a beautiful art collection! If it hasn’t already, it will likely become a valuable asset and source of wealth in due time. But! Are you destroying your fine art collection inadvertently? Handmade works of art on are inherently fragile but can easily and ...
4 Strategies Artist Can Adopt From Track Stars

4 Strategies Artists Can Adopt from Track Stars

It's More Than Talent You're about to fall in love with these 4 strategies artists can adopt from track stars! Track and field has always been one of my favourite sports to watch! The suspense and adrenaline build such excitement. It’s hard not to feel the emotion and passion that many ...
Amongst The Thorns

Amongst The Thorns

Amongst The Thorns As a child, I was very much obsessed with the “cabbage patch dolls”. Do you remember them? They were cloth dolls that came with their own birth certificates and were widely popular amongst 80s babies. So, I know I’m dating myself here! I believe they were one of the ...