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4 Strategies Artist Can Adopt From Track Stars

4 Strategies Artists Can Adopt from Track Stars

It’s More Than Talent

You’re about to fall in love with these 4 strategies artists can adopt from track stars! Track and field has always been one of my favourite sports to watch! The suspense and adrenaline build such excitement. It’s hard not to feel the emotion and passion that many of the athletes exude as they rely on the culmination of their hard work to deliver the results they dream of.

When my daughter began running, her love for the sport became quite evident. But alongside that, something else became even more evident. It was that you require far more than mere talent to be great – You require, drive, focus, dedication, strategy and faith.

This got me thinking about how admirable it is to accept such a challenge, committing oneself year after year to continuous improvement with the understanding that the journey comes with many losses on the way. Eventually, I began to think about the lesson that her own passion was offering up to me.

Michael Johnson’s 4Ps – The Perfect Blueprint

Michael Johnson (a highly successful 400m Olympic runner) was well known for being able to maintain his sprinter speed over a longer distance for longer than anyone else in the world.

When asked what was the best approach for running the 400, he noted that the race itself is certainly intellectual and you’re always thinking about something every step of the way. Johnson had a very simple race strategy: utilizing the 4 P’s – Push, Pace, Position and Pray!

Though athletes and artists seem wildly different in passions, there’s actually quite a lot of similarity!

Both professions require drive, focus, dedication, strategy and faith. So it got me thinking about how artists can adopt the same 4Ps strategies for greater success.

4 Strategies Artists Can Adopt from Track Stars

Push, Pace, Position, Pray

1. Push

The first ‘P’ in Michael Johnson’s race strategy is push. Johnson says that the first 100m is the time to ‘push’ out of the blocks as hard as you can. Regardless of our goals and desire, we must start somewhere. The beginning is where we struggle the most.

As artists, we can often become so discouraged by the perceived challenges that lay ahead that we can’t even start. We don’t even line up for the race!

Like track stars, artists too must push past this, embrace the adrenaline and fear, trust in your ability and get get going!

2. Pace

Johnson describes the next stage of the race, the 100m backstretch, as the time to ‘pace’. After pushing this is the time to relax a bit and simply focus on maintaining momentum.

The truth is… the race is not about who is the fastest, but rather about who can maintain speed the longest!

Similarly, success as an artist is heavily determined by how well we can maintain momentum. We may have times when we feel that our efforts go unseen or unrewarded. As a result, we want to quit because the finish line isn’t in sight. In fact, we see more challenges ahead to tackle!

Do not be discouraged, do not give up! Remember it is your pace that will carry you through. Create routinely, connect with potential and current collectors consistently… maintain your momentum and pace! The results are coming!

3. Position

Johnson describes the 3rd stage of the race, the last turn as your time to ‘position’ yourself. After pushing off the start and pacing yourself, you will reach a point where you have to evaluate your position. Now, guess what… positioning takes a lot of courage!

Here is where you begin to review the results of your efforts. You can decide to stay the course, make subtle changes in your speed, form, focus etc. ….to better align with your goals.

Likewise, artists have to assess their positions and approaches. Perhaps you make changes to your techniques, routines, commissions processes, sales strategies etc. Evaluate your position, strategize and keep going!

4. Pray

Your race may have had a rocky start, you may have had difficulty keeping your pace, and your position may not be far from the front. But that’s ok! Your race is NOT over!

In the final 100m home stretch, Johnson says his objective is to simply focus in on the finish line and have faith. This is where the body is heavily fatigued, and it wants to quit. But you have got to work against that feeling and simply finish.

Sometimes we may not have the finish we ultimately desired. But in finishing our race, we have already made ourselves winners! Instead of becoming consumed with any sense of failure, instead recognize that you have grown, you have learned, and you are all the more stronger for the races that follow another day. Pray! Have faith in your ability and know that success is ever closer.

Get in The Race!

Yes You Can Do This!

Both artists and athletes must remain dedicated to their craft. Passion, hard work and consistency play an immense role on the path to achieving one’s goals.

So when you are feeling as though things are too difficult, remember the race has many stages. And it is a race that we will run over and over on our journey.

If you’re ready to tool yourself with the resources that will make you feel like a winner, then let’s do this! Schedule a free discovery call and gt ready to run your best race yet!

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