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5 Steps to Building an Art Career While Working Full-Time

Building an Art Career While Working Full-Time

Building an art career while working full-time is not impossible! I know that you often hear of artists making dramatic shifts, suddenly quitting their jobs to become full time artists. Whilst that may be the goal for some, it is not always feasible nor desired by all. Some artists simply take a job to pay the bills. But there are others that wish to pursue other full-time meaningful careers alongside their art. Many famous creatives took pride in their 9 to 5 work, and most of them kept at it even as they wrote and painted the masterpieces we know today.

Artists have happily and successfully established art careers all while working full-time in other professions. You can too!

If that is your chosen path, then I’m here to tell you there is absolutely nothing wrong with that plan!

It’s completely doable! 

If You Truly Want It…

You Can Have it!

You don’t need eight hours a day to be an artist. Many artists create in between ‘working’. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s perfectly fine!

You can have that life, but you have to do some planning to make is a success.

I’m sure that if you found your way to this post, then you’re already familiar with the daily grind of building an art career while working full-time. After a full day of work and then tending to your other responsibilities, it’s likely that the temptation to do nothing or binge on Netflix will override the urge to create.

So, how do you find the time and energy to build an art career while working full time? Here’s your answer!

5 Steps to Building an Art Career While Working Full-Time

5 Steps to Building an Art Career While Working Full-Time

1. Get into the Right Mindset!

Before we go any further, this is numero uno! Get into the right mindset. Talk the talk that supports you. Declare today “I am an artist!” Say it aloud and post it somewhere in your home as a daily reminder. If you don’t consider your art as a ‘career’, versus a ‘hobby’, then it will never grow beyond that.

2. Let Go of Perfectionism

A huge inhibiter of creativity, on an already drained brain, is perfectionism. You may be thinking:

  • I’ll wait until I figure it out…
  • I’ll wait until I have more space…
  • I’ll wait until I have time or money…

But at the core of perfectionism, is fear. By waiting until everything is just perfect, you feel like you have a better chance at success. This sounds harmless until you accept that deep down it’s an excuse. Things will never be perfect, and that’s ok!

Instead, simply do what you can with what you have. Start small! Start so small that failing is not an option. You will most likely find that once you start, the process isn’t so scary after all!

3. Prioritize & Protect Your Time

I bet your employer expects you to show up on time, refrain from excuses, and fulfill your tasks to the best of your ability. Sounds correct, right? We’ll let’s reverse that. Are you ready to hold yourself accountable to your art career, in the same fashion?

Are you ready to show up, refrain from excuses and just try your best? We are all trapped in the “too busy” mindset. Of course, you have a lot on your plate. But, when you break it down, there is always room for the things in your life that you make a priority.

Is there a pocket of time that you can start with? Even if only 1hr per week. Try your best to block out distractions, turn off your notifications. If you can, let your family know that you’re about to start creating and would appreciate some quiet time to focus. Remember it doesn’t need to be long, but you do need to start! By prioritizing and protecting our time, we can build amazing art careers while working full-time.

4. Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Be intentional with your efforts and start super small. Remember…SO SMALL that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to not do it! Then, stick to it! Consider your time sacred. Seasoned artists recommend looking at your creative work as short assignments. If you say, “I’m just going to sit at my easel for 15 minutes and paint this one small section”, it’s much easier to get started.

I often tell my creativity coaching clients that regardless of how you feel, just do 15min! If you stop after 15min so be it, you still accomplished 15min. But the majority of the time, you’ll find that you’ll voluntarily go far beyond that 15min. Once you get started, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your fatigue fades and your creativity sets in, giving you the energy to keep going.

Breaking down your big creative goals into small bit sized task will make things far more doable! Just take it day by day and remember even in little increments it will all add up!

5. Find a mentor to support you & keep you accountable

Finding a mentor or a coach is one of the greatest boosters. It’s rewarding when you have a coach or mentor whom you trust to guide you along your journey. Much of my achievements wouldn’t be possible without the fabulous women who supported me and nurtured my passion along the way. They truly urged me to grow and learn despite the fear. This is one of the reasons I now love doing this for other artists.

Find a coach that inspires you creatively and professionally. Coaches who have been through the process before can offer you weekly accountability check-ins,  constructive feedback, share their business knowledge and so much more.

If you aren’t ready to commit to one-on-one time quite yet, consider signing up for a weekly class that will require you to be accountable to your craft.

Building an art career while working full-time is not impossible!

Want support from someone who has first-hand experience?

Want support from someone who will be just as passionate about your goals as you are?

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