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Amongst The Thorns

Amongst The Thorns

As a child, I was very much obsessed with the “cabbage patch dolls”. Do you remember them?

They were cloth dolls that came with their own birth certificates and were widely popular amongst 80s babies. So, I know I’m dating myself here! I believe they were one of the longest-running doll franchises in the United States. So, every little girl went starry eyes over them at some point!

In the Cabbage Patch Kids story, a young boy named Xavier Roberts befriends a bunnybee. Don’t ask me what on earth a bunnybee is! The bunny bee led him through a waterfall and down a long tunnel to a magical land where children grew in a cabbage patch. Now, in present day, the concept makes me a little nervous. But, my former 5 year old self went right along with it.

My latest piece “Amongst the Thorns” reminds of the famous cabbage patch babies except the cabbage patch is replaced with thorny aloe… and here’s why:

Amongst The Thorns

Art to Empower You

Children are very unaware of the dangers life provides and the reality of the world which they must learn to navigate. Black boys in particular seem to have the most difficulty of journeys. Having to navigate greater challenges, due to no fault of their own, due more so a system imposed upon them by others.

I created “Amongst the Thorns”, to acknowledge the journey and challenges ahead. I hope it offers some encouragement and empowers you to rise above the thorns, whatever they may be for you at this time.

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