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Vanessa Turner Artist Coach
Artist Coach Vanessa Turner

Vanessa is an Artist Coach, trained through the Creativity Coaching Association.

Vanessa launched the LEVEL UP Artist Coaching Program where she works with visual artists like you to help you achieve greater creative and financial fulfillment by developing productive studio practices and attracting aligned collectors online.

By uncovering what sets you apart from all other artists, you will leverage your unique artistic identity so that your audience understands your value and impact.

You will restore the creative dreams that you have parked to the side and find success in your passion!

We All Deserve
To Find Success in Our Passion

Vanessa’s clients include artists of all backgrounds and skill level who share a common dream – To find find greater creative and financial fullfillment from their art.

Many of Vanessa’s clients have careers in other professions which they wish to maintain for job security. Others want to take the leap into the arts full-time. Vanessa has helped artists to identify their market in the art world, and reap the rewards of their discovery.

In her years as a professional artists, Vanessa has become intimately familiar with the challenges that artists face in marketing and sales.  Implementing a proven strategy can be a game changer for an artist and Vanessa will ensure you do just that!

The Fire I Couldn’t Put Out… My Story

As an Artist Coach it would be out of integrity for me to not share with you how I got here

Whilst I’ve always had a strong passion for art, I never studied nor have any ‘formal training’ in fine art. I did take in high school, but then gravitated towards the sciences as I was always advised that art was merely a ‘hobby’.

I obtained a degree in Engineering (a field in which I still work in today) followed by an MBA. Years after graduating from university and while managing a new career and motherhood, I tried to begin creating again. And it felt IMPOSSIBLE! I had to learn how to create time and balance responsibilities. Even more challenging, I had to continuously remind myself that my art had a place in this world.

Vanessa Turner Artist & Artist Coach

Fast forward to present day, now entering my 40’s, I’ve been exhibiting professionally for over 15 years am grateful to have been the recipient of numerous awards. My work is published internationally, and I am currently represented in many private collections around the globe.

None of this would have been possible without the support of a coach. Having a coach was such a game changer.

The experience was so inspiring and impactful that I found myself drawn to do the same for others, like you! I formally trained through the Creativity Coaching Association to become a Creativity Coach.

In my years as a professional artist, I have become intimately familiar with the challenges that artists face. I know the struggle of balancing an art career with the responsibilities of motherhood or another profession. In my time as an art coach I have seen seen clients reignited with passion and go on to achieve their creative ambitions and so much more.

Let’s Change The Narrative

A data survey of the permanent collections of 18 prominent art museums in the U.S.
found that out of over 10,000 artists, 87% are male!

Throughout life, I experienced the greatest growth when my potential and passion were nurtured by fabulous mentors. These women urged me to grow and learn without fear. Without them, my art would just be a statistic. Now, it’s time for me to do the same for you!

Let’s get on the right side of the statistics.