Through visual story-telling,
I celebrate the harmony of culture, nature and colour.
Inspired by my island home,
my artwork reflects the harmony found between
the Afro-Caribbean culture and Mother Nature.

Are you ready to transform your space
with a celebration of culture, nature and vibrant colour?

When you’re ready to transform your space from its bland interior or shift from generic mass marketed posters
to unique and authentic artwork that embodies who you are, I’m here for you!

Within my portfolio you will find one of a kind artworks
to personalize your space and nurture you from the inside out
while growing in value day after day.

Customer service is of high importance to me.
My goal is to make the experience of collecting art feel accessible, enjoyable, and easy for you!

Discover The Magic of Fine Art

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Make Your Space Feel Like A Slice of Heaven

Studies have proven that fine art can positively impact your health and well-being in several essential ways!

It has been shown to lower anxiety and depression while boosting critical thinking skills. Studies have also shown that viewing beautiful artwork can actually cause your body to release dopamine and experience the same physical reactions we get when we fall in love.

Art CAN make you happier.
Art CAN nourish both your body and spirit.

By purchasing your special art piece, you will:

  • Increase the comfort you feel in your space
  • Reflect your taste and philosophies in your decor
  • Enjoy the health benefits of something that is one of a kind
  • Reap the rewards of a investment that grows over time

Questions collectors ask prior to purchasing:

Most of my paintings take anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months to create. Sometimes it goes quickly, sometimes it takes rather long. The process of creating is never quite the exact same for each piece.

If you have fallen for an art piece that has sold, then please contact me and perhaps we can create a bespoke piece for you in a similar style.

If due to location, you are unable to see the artwork in person, I will be more than happy to send close up photos of the art piece as well as photos of the art piece in a room, so you that you can get a sense of what it looks like.

Payments may be made online via Paypal.

Yes, you can! I am more than happy to accept payment in installments. We can discuss the number of installments that works best for you. The painting will be marked as ‘sold’ after the first payment has been received and will be shipped to you upon completion of your final payment.

Yes, international shipping is available for all fine art purchases. Artwork is shipped via courier service.

Absolutely! For years, Vanessa has provided all buyers with detailed care instructions for their purchase to ensure it lasts for generations to come.

Yes, you will receive multiple email updates to the email address provided upon purchase. Vanessa will work alongside you to ensure the process is easy and stress free.

I take my art and your investment very seriously. I only use materials and methods that are archival so that my work last for generations to come, provided it is treated with the correct care.

I use 100% acid-free matting, backing, hinging, and insulation to ensure the longevity of all framed artwork. Framing with acid-free materials helps to prevent mat discoloration, adhesive stains, foxing, and brittleness.

In addition, each framed work on paper is protected by UV-resistant anti glare glass.

Yes all prior collectors receive 15% off the purchase of any original artwork.

All buyers are responsible for paying taxes and duties, unless otherwise noted.