August 30, 2016

When Our 3 Became 4

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog, my website, my portfolio… I say “a while” but really it has been a full year. Nevertheless saying “a while” somehow makes it seem like less than a year and hence makes me feel better, so we’ll just go with that ok! But I have the most reasonable of reasons! Over the last year our 3 became 4! Our son has grown really fast in the short span of time that he’s been here, and his personality is beginning to make itself known. Can’t believe how fast time flies. I still remember when my daughter was this small…Dropbox

Remember that balancing act I always talk about, well it got a great deal trickier and that’s ok… After sinking and treading water for the last year I’ve come up for air and am slowly (very slowly) finding my equilibrium again. With a full-time career and family, art was pushed to the back burner (waaaaay in the back). But hopefully art will become a consistent presence from here on in. I’ve given myself permission to take one day at a time and simply go with the flow.

I always find myself saying “things may be easier when”. But I’m beginning to realize there is no such thing so I might as well just start, even if it’s only for 5min a day. Each stage of motherhood requires something different from you. And motherhood itself is quite demanding yet rewarding at the same time. I’m really interested in hearing how other mom’s have made an effort to find some balance. What works for you? What doesn’t work for you?

On another note, I’ve just finished having a mild art attack. I was reviewing my reference photos and have some great pieces lined up. I’ll be making a slight change in my portfolio’s focus over the next year and will be focusing on the journey of motherhood and women’s connection with nature. I’ll expand on this concept as I go so please check in monthly to view portfolio updates.

And in case you missed my last painting, which was completed just before my son was born, I’ve posted it below. I had fun with this still life; the black paper really made the hues more vibrant.

20150830 Original - Mangos

© 2015 Vanessa Turner
pastel on artspectrum colourfix
12 x 9 inches

Now it’s 6am and there’s something called ‘work’ that requires my attention today… until next time!


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