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The Hidden Dangers of Perfectionism

Let’s chat about The Artist Success Recipe. In the recipe for success, there is one ingredient which I see artists adding in repeatedly, day after day. And that ingredient is perfectionism.  It can show up in many ways: Perhaps you find yourself resistant and hesitant to call an art piece finished, ...
The Gap We Just Can’t Get Around

The Gap We Just Can’t Get Around

Fear & Failure - Our Two Companions Quite some time ago while reading through a forum, I came across a post entitled "Afraid of Failure". Curiosity made me click on it immediately - because fear and failure are pretty much prerequisites for success (I call them our two companions).  Because if your ...
Art Collectors Don't Want Sales & Discounts

The #1 Thing Collectors Want More Of

The Challenge of Selling Fine Art For many artists the challenge comes not in creating art, but selling art. Many artists will note that sales remain the most challenging aspect of their business. You work hard to create beautiful portfolios and bodies of work, but securing the sale feels like throwing ...
6 Reasons Your Artwork Isn't Selling - Woman Painting

6 Reasons Your Artwork Isn’t Selling

Is Your Artwork Collecting Dust? Today I'm sharing the Top 6 reasons your artwork isn't selling so that you can stop going in circles and finally see results! You’ve spent hours putting your blood, sweat and tears into a new body of work and sharing it with the world, only for it ...
Bermuda Palm - Banner with pastel painting of palm leaves

Bermuda Palm

Bermuda Palm Ever since I can remember I have always found a special kind of peace from the outdoors. The coolness of the air, the warmth of the sun as it catches you between the branches... the sound of rustling leaves, the feeling of the damp grass beneath your toes… the smell ...
Central Mass Pastel Society - Marks of Distinction

Marks of Distinction 2021

Central Mass Pastel Society - Marks of Distinction Recently, I was thrilled to learn that my piece First Class Woman was accepted into the Central Mass Pastel Society - Marks of Distinction 2021 Exhibition. There were a total of 360 entries, of which just under 100 were selected! So I'm especially honored that ...
The Globe Magazine 0 Interview with Halla Shafey

Interview with Halla Shafey – The Globe Magazine

The Globe Magazine Spring 2021 Issue Interview with Halla Shafey I had the pleasure of conducting an interview with Halla Shafey, fellow pastellist and award winning artist for the IAPS Spring 2021 Issue of the Globe Magazine. Vincent van Gogh once quoted: “One can speak poetry just by arranging colours well”. The work of ...