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Bermuda Palm

Bermuda Palm - Pastel Painting
© Vanessa Turner
Bermuda Palm
Unframed (Professional Framing Available)
Pastel on Paper
12 x 16 inches unframed

Bermuda Palm

Ever since I can remember I have always found a special kind of peace from the outdoors.

The coolness of the air, the warmth of the sun as it catches you between the branches… the sound of rustling leaves, the feeling of the damp grass beneath your toes… the smell of the salt air and the crashing of waves on the sandy shores…

The way that we feel when we go outside is more than a simple case of happiness in the face of beauty.

There is something about the natural world that feeds our deepest selves and nurtures us from the inside out.

So, no matter how much we may now consider ourselves distinctly separated from our environment, we and Mother Nature are one.

The more we embody this concept, the greater our synergy with life.

Art to Nurture You, Heal You, & Evolve Your Space 

Through my work, and in my latest painting ‘Bermuda Palm‘, I explore the beauty of this connection and invite you to embrace the beautiful connection with nature.

My work is created to nurture you, heal you, and evolve your space by bringing the beauty of outdoors indoors.

Begin or add to your collection with high quality fine art!
Wouldn’t you love for home to feel like paradise?

When you’re ready to transform your space from its bland interior or shift from generic mass marketed posters to unique and authentic artwork that embodies who you are, I’m here for you!

Customer service is of high importance to me. My goal is to make the experience of collecting art feel accessible, enjoyable, and easy for you!

Let’s discover a brand new form of happiness through art!

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