Black Girls Who Paint - Guest Writer - Creativity Coach Vanessa Turner

Black Girls Who Paint

Black Girls Who Paint - Guest Writer - Creativity Coach Vanessa Turner

In August 2019 I joined and became a guest writer for the amazing community Black Girls Who Paint (BGWP). The community was founded by fellow creative Sasha-Loriene.

Black women are a sector who throughout history have been marginalized in the arts. Being a black woman in the art world is not easy. Art history shows us that the majority of works which receive the greatest acclaim are those completed by white men. In addition, even where the story of black women is told, it is often done through male artists. Consequently, black women artist are often overlooked and omitted from many creative spaces.

Loriene developed BGWP as space to empower and support black women artists as they navigate through their artistic endeavors. Black Girls Who Paint acts as a sisterhood, community and top notch resource for black women on their creative journey. In addition, the portal offers membership features, an advice blog and has a large social media following.

I have been a part of this beautiful community for just over 3 months. As such, I’m ever so grateful to have come across it let alone to now become part of it.

As a writer for Black Girls Who Paint, I use my passion for creativity coaching to provide articles that offer support and guidance for women creatives. For example, within our posts, we discuss strategies for overcoming challenges and how artists can tool themselves to maximize opportunities.

The BGWP community has some amazing things in store. Above all, don’t sleep on this one ladies! Loriene is doing a great deal of work which you’ll want to be a part of!