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How to Succeed As A Self Taught Artist

How to Succeed As A Self Taught Artist

Building a sustainable art career surely isn't easy, and it can be even more challenging for the self-taught artist. Perhaps you are pursuing your arts career while maintaining a full time job, family, responsibilities etc. Perhaps you are pursuing your arts career later in life and are transitioning careers. Regardless ...
Reasons or Results

Reasons or Results

You can have reasons or you can have results, but you can’t have both. I first heard those words recited by motivational speaker Les Brown. Hands down, for years, he’s been one of my top three most influential speakers. There are two types of people: those who have reasons and those ...

Creating Without An Art Studio

Creating without an art studio is possible! Many artists abandon their chances at developing a successful creativity practice by relying on the famous crutch..."I don't have an art studio". Whilst an art studio would be deemed ideal by most, it is certainly not a requirement. In New York City, even seasoned ...

6 Lessons Your Medium is Teaching You

Each time you create with your materials they offer you a lesson, some minor, some life changing. But often you don’t quite recognize or remain open to what your medium is teaching you due to a variety of factors such as frustration, inconsistency, impatience, perfectionism, etc. And that is absolutely ...