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Covid-19: Tips for Creatives During Self-Islolation

Like me, I know you’re completely fed up of hearing about COVID-19. Since the virus’ global spread, museums, art fairs, galleries, and many other art institutions and industry events have been faced with the decision to cancel, postpone, or alter their 2020 plans. It feels as if the art world has suddenly gone dark. And like many artists, it has probably damped your spirits and costs you some significant opportunities.

Despite all of the set backs, we have what it takes to rise above COVID-19! Even though we might be stuck in one location or feel incredibly lost and limited, there are still ways to take positive action. Where there is passion, there is a solution!

15 Things Creatives Can Do During Self-Isolation

Make Art & Enhance Your Sacred Space

  1. Create!! Of course this is number one on the list. Whatever you do, don’t stop creating. And if you don’t have time for anything else, at least make time for your passion.
  2. Clean and reorganise your creative workspace. Make it your sacred space, surrounded by all that you love.
  3. Check your stock of materials and supplies. Make a list of the things that may need to be reordered or purchase in the next couple months.

Do the Things You Never Have Time to Do

  1. Take photos of your work and photos of yourself doing your work (don’t be shy!)
  2. Complete an inventory of your creative work and tidy up your digital files
  3. Review your artist/writer’s statement, biography and CV
  4. Complete a 1-page business plan for your creative work. What do you want to achieve in the next 1-5 years? Get clear on your goals
  5. Review your income from last year. What did most of it source from? What can you do in 2020 to build on this and/or develop new sources of income?

Foster Your Growth

  1. Get a hot cup of tea and settle down with some great e-books and e-magazines for creatives.
  2. Take an online course or consider creativity coaching to jump start your career and go from hobbyist to professional!
  3. Research new venues and opportunities. Make of a list of people to contact and draft your correspondence in advance. Reach out to organizations that sell artwork online. When all of this passes, you’ll hit the ground running!

Build Relationships & Pump Up Your Online Presence

  1. Reach out to your buyers, check in on them to see how they are doing and let them know what you’ve been up to.
  2. Connect with other creatives online where you can support one another and share experiences. When creatives support each other, magic happens!
  3. Update your website. Is your portfolio updated with your latest pieces? Be sure to remove work that is no longer representative of your caliber or style.
  4. Update and clean up your social media accounts. Develop a social media calendar to plan upcoming posts and captions.

The above is a brief list which I hope helps to keep you inspired and keep your creative vibes flowing! Your passion is stronger than Covid-19. So take one day at a time, and keep on creating

The World Health Organization called the COVID-19 viral disease a pandemic.
Workers in Spain place a medical mask on a sculpture which formed part of the ‘Fallas Festival’.
The festival has been canceled over the virus outbreak. (Photo by Alberto Saiz)


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