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Dreaming to Doing
Go From Go from feeling like a lost and overwhelmed hobbyist,
to confident professional artist with a thriving business!
Vanessa Turner Creativity Coach & Artist Coach - Creativity Coaching

Hi! I’m Vanessa Turner

I coach emerging and mid-career visual artists like you!

Through coaching, I help women artists attract more buyers and increase their sales by leveraging their artistic voice online – without being paralyzed by fear.

We will restore the creative dreams you have parked to the side and close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be with greater sales, greater name recognition and greater fulfillment.

You deserve to find success in your passion!

Get Ready For Something Different

We know that webinars, classes, and courses are a core part of our development. But at the end of the day, they alone always seem to stop sort of the meaningful deep transformation you desperately need. You need access to more than just training and insights.

Coaching is the perfect way to be supported and held accountable through the change you seek.

You’re in the right place!

You Deserve to Find Success in Your Passion

I Know That You Want Change

  • Do you have big dreams but no clear plan?
  • Have you been trying to figure out the path to success but getting nowhere?
  • Is your artwork collecting dust at home instead of being shared with the world?
  • Are you tired of low sales or selling your work for pennies?
  • Do you want to pursue an arts career without giving up your current job security?
  • Are you exhausted juggling a job, friends and family, and can’t find time to create?
  • Are you always admiring other artists, wishing you could create and exhibit like them?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then it’s time..
Time we go from DREAMING to DOING! –
Let’s harness your potential!

Let's Embrace The Possibilities

Let’s Embrance The Possibilities

You’re a talented artist!

But you have been going in circles trying to create a successful career and you’re not seeing the results of your effort.
You’re realizing that it takes more than a few Instagram likes to be a professional artist

It’s one thing to sell a couple artworks here and there.
But it’s another thing to build a long term, sustainable art business
that supports your passion and gives you the financial freedom to live the life you want.

Imagine how good it will feel to restore the creative dreams that you parked to the side!
Imagine how it will feel to finally increase your sales and grow your buyers list.
Imagine how good it will feel to embrace the rewards of your passion!

It’s time to embrace the possibilities!

Creativity Coaching

Here’s What’s Waiting For YOU!

Through the Level Up Creativity Coaching Program you will:

  • Learn the strategies that successful artists swear by
  • Unblock & discover your authentic and unique artistic identity so that you can deepen your connection to your work
  • Develop/Revamp your artist statement and bio so that it aligns with who you are.
  • Develop your artist positioning statement so you can stand out from other artists
  • Fostering a creativity practice & addressing blocks so that you can build a beautiful body of work that aligns with your identity,
  • Remove the starving artist mindset so that you can reduce negative self-talk and increase motivation.
  • Increase your confidence in exhibiting and speaking about your work
  • Implement strategies that can increase your sales by 50+ %
  • Learn how to use your artistic identity to create unique sales copy
  • Building your audience & networking so that you can increase your name recognition and seize opportunities
This Program Is Tried, Tested & True!

How It Works

This is NOT a DIY, self-paced course that you’ll never actually finish. I believe in a “Done With You” approach . Here’s how you and I will work together to ensure you get results:

  • The Program: Delivered over the span of 12 weeks, with new modules released bi-weekly accompanied by comprehensive growth assignment workbooks, and tons of fun self reflective exercises!
  • The Coaching: You and I will meet every 2 weeks on a private call where you will have my undivided attention. You’ll get the help you need to fully complete the assignments and anything you’re working on. During these calls, we’ll design your unique strategic plan and review results as we go. You’ll never have to second guess what to do and how to get results!
  • The Recap: After each call, you’ll receive a recording of the session along with summary notes. You won’t have to try remember every last word or scramble to write things down. You can relax and be fully present on the call knowing that it’s all being captured for you.
  • The Audit: As part of your coaching program we’ll also conduct a website and social media audit so that you have all the information you need to revamp your online presence, infuse it with your artistic voice, and use it as a vehicle to build your audience and increase sales.
  • The Bonus: Because it’s important that you take all that you have learned and continue the momentum so that you can grow your results even further, we’ll have a complementary bonus session to reflect and strategize.

I’m 100% Devoted To Your Dreams

The journey to finding success as an artist can often feel lonely, challenging and impossible.

But all of that changes when you’re working with me!

You don’t have to do it alone.

My mission is help talented artists like YOU build the creative life you envision and dispel the “starving artist myth” forever!

Time and time again, my clients have told-me that I’m more of a partner than a coach.

And that’s because, when we work together, I’m sincerely invested in your development and success.

Your Mentor
As your mentor, I will listen, support and encourage you.
Your Cheerleader
I'll be your loudest cheerleader. I will root for you, reminding you of what you're capable of, even when you can't see it for yourself.
Your Strategic Partner
As your strategic partner in crime, I will help you to develop the tools and strategies needed to move forward.
Your Accountability Buddy
As your accountability buddy, I will hold you accountable to the goals and intentions that you have set.
Vanessa Turner Creativity Coach & Artist Coach - Creativity Coaching

State of the Art Coaching

  • I’m trained through the renowned Creativity Coaching Association
  • I specialize in working with women visual artists

I Walk The Walk So I Can Talk The Talk

Most business coaches don’t understand the realities of making art every day. If you want to work with an expert who understands what it means to be an artist and a business owner, then you are in the right place!

  • I understand the frustration of never having time to create
  • I know how motivation can be hard to maintain
  • And I know how it feels to want more from your passion
  • I understand what rejection does to the heart
  • And yes, I know what a 1 year creative block can do to your confidence
  • I have walked the walked, so I can talk the talk.
Hobbyist to Professional

Is Coaching Right for YOU?

Coaching is suitable for any artists who is seeking to increase their sales and needs a plan to do it. If you’re ready to build your audience and grow your buyers list but don’t know how to do it successfully, then YES this is the right choice for you.

Successful clients include:

  • Artists working full time in the art industry
  • Artists working part-time and balancing other careers in non-art industries
  • Artists looking to transition to the art industry full-time
  • Mothers who are looking to make their art and passion a bigger part of their life
  • Artists who have lost touch with their voice after spending years doing only commission work.

If you see yourself in there, then I guarantee this will be a fulfilling experience.

My biggest advice to you is to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. You have to know that YES YOU CAN. And, in moments where you’re not sure, invest in the support of someone who can see your vision and hold it for you. I’m here to be that person for you.

It is possible to make the art you want,
live the creative life you want
and find success in your passion!

My mission is help talented artists like YOU
build the creative life you envision and dispel the “starving artist myth” forever.
It is possible to make the art you want, live the creative life you want
and find success in your passion!



Vanessa Turner Creativity Coaching

Increase your sales and grow your buyers list by leveraging yore artistic voice online!

Navigate the business of art while establishing a fulfilling and enjoyable career with more freedom ambition and fearlessness!

  • If you’re procrastinating – let’s gain momentum and reignite that fire!
  • Wondering if there’s a market for you – yes there is, so let’s find it!
  • Feel like you’re being overlooked – then it’s time to show up and shine brighter so people can see you!

Even if you’re not eager to swim into the ultra-competitive market,
you don’t have to stay on the shoreline.

Coaching Testimonials

What Client’s Say About Their Coaching Experience

Vanessa really helped me turn my life around. I felt completely overwhelmed and stuck. Working with Vanessa helped me bring back my excitement to designing jewelry, and reignited the spark for so many ideas! It had been so long since I felt this way - I thought my design ability was gone forever. Vanessa also gave me the space to better understand myself and figure out how I was getting in my own way. I have so much more clarification on how to reach my ultimate goal and I cannot express how helpful her coaching has been to me!
- Erica Spain, photo

- Erica Spain,

Jewelry Designer
Before working with Vanessa, I was just kind of in limbo. I was here and there with my art, trying to find myself and what to do, how to establish a routine, myself as an artist and just trying to find my way. I was drawn to her positive spirit. Since working with Vanessa, I have established a routine and found my voice as an artist. Most importantly, I developed a strong foundation for my art business and more confidence. Coaching was well worth it and educational!
- Miya Wells,  photo

- Miya Wells,

Fine Artist
I really love Vanessa's approach, friendly, encouraging and inspiring. I'm proud of myself for taking the step and investing in coaching. I was excited each session to speak about what I researched or what I created since our last session. I have learned so much about myself and my art. Having a coach has given me so much to look forward to and I am greatly appreciative because it is taking me so much further in my art career. It means a lot to me to be able to share my art with the world.
- Tamela Stith,  photo

- Tamela Stith,

Fine Artist

Questions women ask before saying YES to Creativity Coaching:

Coaching focuses on strategic planning and personal growth. Psychotherapy focuses on solving problems by analyzing your past, focusing on issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, destructive behaviors, addiction etc. Unlike therapy, coaching does not involve diagnosis or treatment of any conditions/disorder.

Creativity coaches are specially trained to deal with the issues that creative work and the creative industry often bring up. If your goals are largely focused on enhancing and optimizing your creative work, then a creativity coach is the type of coach you need.

Your coaching fee is an investment in yourself. Ask yourself, “What is my dream worth to me? When I succeed, will coaching have been worth it?”

Before you begin your coaching sessions, you’ll receive tips on how to maximise our time together. Together, we’ll ensure you receive value for your investment.

If you need extra assistance to understand the strategies we’ve discussed then you WILL get what you need. I don’t ever want you to feel stuck or confused. It’s important to me that you always see your way forward.

The role of a coach is not to tell you what to do, but provide you with the tools, resources and perspectives you need to identify what’s best for you. As your coach, I will show you the ropes, empower and equip you with the elements critical for success, and then allow you to grow on your own. My goal is to ‘teach you how to fish,’ so to speak.

No, I do not act as an agent or manager. Instead, I will help you to build your confidence so that you can network, find your market and make the money you deserve!