You Deserve To Find Success in Your Passion

Creativity Coaching

Through creativity coaching, I work with women artists like you.

While managing all of life’s responsibilities, you have struggled to find time for your passion
and wish you could be like the artists you often admire.
You’re ready for your creative work to play a bigger role in your life.

Through Creativity Coaching we will work together
to restore the creative dreams you have parked to the side so that you can:

Go from a frustrated hobbyist,
to a confident professional artist
with greater sales and name recognition!

I Know You Want Change

  • Have you been trying to figure out the path to success on your own but you’re getting nowhere?
  • Do you have big dreams but no clear plan
  • Are you exhausted juggling a day job, friends and family, and can’t find time to create?
  • Have you put your creative dreams on hold because of other responsibilities?
  • Are you always admiring other artists, wishing you could create/exhibit like them?
  • Do you want to pursue a career in the arts without giving up your job security?
  • Are you tired of low sales or selling your work for pennies?
  • Do you feel as though your art is not seen, heard or appreciated?
  • Is your artwork collecting dust at home instead of being shared with the world?
  • Do you feel like an inexperienced hobbyist?
  • Have you been unable to find the kind of mentoring and support that you need?

Don't Put Your Dreams on Hold
Go From Hobbyist To Professional

Imagine how good it will feel to go from a frustrated hobbyist, always struggling to find time for your passion,
wishing you could be like the artists you admire to a confident professional, with a sound creativity practice,
creating unique high quality work for your market.

You thought that posting some work online was enough to attract buyers.
But you’re realizing that it takes more to be a professional artist than a few instagram likes.

Even if you’re not eager to swim into the ultra-competitive market,
you don’t have to stay on the shoreline.

Let’s Make it Happen

Through creativity coaching, you will:

  • Get the kind of support and guidance you need on a regular.
  • Formulate practical goals for your art career.
  • Develop your unique creative practice and bring balance to your life.
  • Create routinely and build a body of beautiful work
  • Discover your authentic and unique artistic identity
  • Become one of the most sought-after creators on the exhibition invitation.
  • Learn the skills that could increase your sales by 50+ %
  • Understand how to manage creative blocks and obstacles
  • Harness opportunities to stretch beyond what you can do on your own
  • Overcome your fear of exhibiting and talking about your work
  • Eliminate unhealthy behavior patterns
  • Develop resilience to deal with setbacks, delays and criticism
  • And much, much more!

Invest In Your Dreams

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From Hobbyist to Professional

Move from a hobbyist level to professional level so that you can reap the reward of your art! Navigate the business of art while establishing a fulfilling and enjoyable career with more freedom ambition and fearlessness!

Discovering the Magic of a Creativity Practice

Maintaining a creativity practice is THE MOST important thing you can do to ensure progression in your craft. Develop your unique practice and examine the methods highly successful artists use to stay creatively robust for a lifetime.

Find Your Artistic Voice & Stand Out

Perhaps you have been creating on autopilot or  just don’t know where to start. Let’s bring your art back to YOU and identify YOUR unique artistic style! Nurture your artistic voice and so that you can  attract your unique audience and customers!

Questions women ask before saying YES to Creativity Coaching:

Coaching focuses on strategic planning and personal growth. Psychotherapy focuses on solving problems by analyzing your past, focusing on issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, destructive behaviors, addiction etc. Unlike therapy, coaching does not involve diagnosis or treatment of any conditions/disorder.

Creativity coaches are specially trained to deal with the issues that creative work and the creative industry often bring up. If your goals are largely focused on enhancing and optimizing your creative work, then a creativity coach is the type of coach you need.

Your coaching fee is an investment in yourself. Ask yourself, “What is my dream worth to me? When I succeed, will coaching have been worth it?”

Before you begin your coaching sessions, you’ll receive tips on how to maximise our time together. Together, we’ll ensure you receive value for your investment.

If you need extra sessions to understand the strategies we’ve discussed then you WILL get extra sessions. I don’t ever want you to feel stuck or confused. It’s important to me that you always see your way forward.

The role of a coach is not to tell you what to do, but provide you with the tools, resources and perspectives you need to identify what’s best for you. As your coach, I will show you the ropes, empower and equip you with the elements critical for success, and then allow you to grow on your own. My goal is to ‘teach you how to fish,’ so to speak.

No, I do not act as an agent or manager. Instead, I will help you to build your confidence so that you can network, find your market and make the money you deserve!