Let’s Make Your Space Feel Like A Slice of Heaven

Art holds our stories, memories, inspirations and aspirations. As a visual story teller, I believe in the power of art and will honor your vision so that it enriches your life and all those with whom you share space.

Together we can make your space feel like a slice of heaven!
You Deserve Quality Art
  • Are you looking for artwork that celebrates culture?
  • Are you looking for artwork that brings the beauty of nature indoors?
  • Do you have difficulty finding artwork that resonates with you?
  • Do you want quality artwork that will last for generations?
  • Are you tired of settling for low quality art or cheap posters?
  • Do you want to invest in something that grows in value?
  • Are you ready to reap the mental health benefits of fine art?

When you’re ready to transform your space from its bland interior or shift from generic mass marketed posters to unique and authentic artwork that embodies who you are, I’m here for you!

Within my portfolio you will find one of a kind artworks to personalize your space and nurture you from the inside out while growing in value day after day.
Agave Pastel Painting
Heal & Beautify

Studies have proven that fine art can positively impact your health and well-being in several essential ways!

It has been shown to lower anxiety, stress and depression while boosting critical thinking skills. Studies have also shown that viewing beautiful artwork can actually cause your body to release dopamine and experience the same physical reactions we get when we fall in love.

And we all know, that in addition to its health benefits, art has a way of beautifying and lightning up any room in which it is showcased.

Art CAN make you happier.
Art CAN nourish both your body and spirit.

By purchasing your special art piece, you will:

Increase the comfort you feel in your space
Reflect your taste and philosophies in your decor
Enjoy the health benefits of something that is one of a kind
Reap the rewards of a investment that grows over time

Customer service is of high importance to me.
I make the experience of collecting art feel accessible, enjoyable, and easy for you!

No matter your style or budget,

I ensure you receive value for your investment!

  • Original Fine Art – grow your fine art collection and enhance the aesthetics of your space while celebrating those you love most.
  • Certificates of Authenticity – to confirm that you’re the sole owner of the ‘one of a kind’ original artwork or print.
  • Archival Materials – to ensure your fine art purchases stand the test of time and grow in value long after their purchase.
  • Professional Framing – allowing you to perfectly showcase your new work of art and protect it for generations to come.
  • Worldwide Shipping – streamlined delivery worldwide, utilizing trusted services like UPS and FedEx.
Commissions Pricing & Process


11″ x 14″ – $475 ($675 framed)
12″ x 16″ – $625 ($870 framed)
12″ x 18″ – $750 ($1,015 framed)
16″ x 20″ – $975 ($1,325 framed)
18″ x 24″ – $1,325 ($1,700 framed)
20″ x 26″ – $1,775 ($2,195 framed)
22 x 30″ – $2,465 ($2,940 framed)
24 x 36″ – $3,250 ($3,850 framed)
27 x 40″ – $4,325 ($5,075 framed)

Larger sizes available upon request

Prices listed above do not include shipping and handling.


  1. Select your preferred artwork size from the above listing.
  2. I’m happy to discuss your vision with you and then bring that vision to life via artistic interpretation. Alternatively, you may supply your own photograph as a reference, subject to size and quality.
  3. A non-refundable deposit of 50% is payable at the time of booking. The remaining 50% balance is due upon completion of the commission.
  4. Artwork will be completed within a 4-6 week timeframe, depending upon the size and number of pieces.
  5. Upon completion, clients will be invited to view the work.
  6. Framing may be arranged by the client or the artist.
  7. A certificate of authenticity is issued with all artwork
  8. Artwork is personally delivered or delivered via registered/express mail.
FAQs for Art Collectors

Below you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions. If your question isn’t covered, please don’t hesitate to contact me as I’ll be happy to answer any queries that you may have.

This varies greatly depending upon the time of year and on my current commitments. On average commissions take 4-6 weeks. It’s always a good idea to get in touch as soon as possible so that we can begin discussing your commission and schedule it in. Christmas is always the busiest period, so be sure to contact me by October to secure your space.

Absolutely! Feel free to send me your photo options and we can chat about which would be best. It can sometimes take a while to sort through all of the options. But don’t worry! That is all part of my job, and I’m happy to advise. Selecting the right photo is important to the final outcome, so I take extra care to take the time, to get it right.

I understand that many of our favourite photos have been passed on from one generation to another. As a result, they may be worn or may not be in the best of condition. I’m happy to review your photo and advise if it will still be suitable for me to work from.

Yes, I’ll send you a photo of your art piece via email. It’s valuable to have input from the person who knows the subject best, and I really consider comissions to be a collaboration – I don’t consider it to be finished until you are completely happy with it.

Unfortunately I can’t give discounts for orders of more than one portrait. The reason is that I price my portraits based on how long they will take me to complete, and there is nothing I can do to speed up the process without compromising the quality of the work.

Payment may be made via electronic bank transfer/wire or by Paypal.

All buyers are responsible for paying taxes and duties, unless otherwise noted.

Yes all prior collectors receive 15% off the purchase of any original artwork.

Yes, if you live in Bermuda, you may collect your artwork in person.

Yes, international shipping is available for all fine art purchases. All artwork is shipped via courier service.

Absolutely! For years, Vanessa has provided all buyers with detailed care instructions for their purchase to ensure it lasts for generations to come.

I take my art and your investment very seriously. I only use materials and methods that are archival so that my work lasts for generations to come, provided it is treated with the correct care.