I'm Here For You
You Have What It Takes

You’re a talented artist. Statistics show that art improves happiness, health and empathy.

The world needs your art!

But you have been going in circles trying to create a successful career in the arts.
It’s time you get into a position to reap the rewards of your creative gift.

Artists can do amazing things when their creative potential is fostered and nurtured. I know from personal experience.

Finding the right coach is a game changer.

That is why I provide specialized Creativity Coaching services.

I want to help you go from a hobbyist, to a confident professional artist with greater sales and name recognition.

I’ll Help You Close the Gap!

  • I trained through the renowned Creativity Coaching Association
  • I specialize in working with women artists who work full time in other professions
It’s my passion and calling to help artists who feel stuck, frustrated, or dissatisfied in their career.

As a coach and mentor, my goal is to motivate you toward inspired action. As a client, you will be lovingly challenged and you will receive a level of compassion that will nourishes you while you aspire to do and be more.

We will travel an exciting journey together as you close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

  • If you’re procrastinating – let’s gain momentum and reignite that fire!
  • If you’re wondering if there’s a market for you – yes there absolutely is, so let’s find it!
  • If you think you’re being overlooked – Then it’s time to show up and shine brighter so people can see you.

What You'll Get & More!

This Program is TRIED, TESTED & TRUE

Stocked With A Ton of Goodness, Your Packages Includes: 
  • A FREE 20min exploratory coaching session
  • The on-boarding package and detailed intake questionnaire so that you can further clarify your goals and reveal the opportunities waiting to be harnessed.
  • Biweekly 1:1 coaching sessions where you’ll have my undivided attention. Through strategic planning you’ll develop your unique path to success and won’t have to worry about what your next step should be.
  • A written follow-up and recording after each session to help remind you of the strategies we developed so that you’ll always have access to the strategies and tools we developed so that you can feel and do business like a professional artist!
  • In between coaching sessions, I’ll still be there by your side. We’ll have weekly email check-ins to hold you accountable to your dream and keep you committed to producing more high quality artwork
  • A comprehensive review of your website and social media. If you do not have an online presence yet, no worries (I can coach you through that)
  • Access to workbooks that help you to develop work-life integration strategies so you can build your art business while managing a busy job and family commitments.
  • Respectful, honest and encouraging feedback – we’ll build your confidence so that you can network and find your market. Find your galleries, your buyers, and make the money you deserve!
  • In addition to ALL of the above, you will also receive a personalized reading list to arm you with even more resources for success.

A Sense of Renewal

Successes artists have experienced within 12 months of starting include: 
  • Clearer direction in their creative work
  • A deeper sense of connection to their art
  • Greater joy and fulfillment from the process of creating
  • Less negative self talk – increased motivation, drive and confidence
  • A creativity practice that allows them to produce beautiful bodies of work
  • Confidence in networking and speaking with others about their work
  • Greater engagement on social media
  • Increases in sales and better commission management
  • Many more meaningful goals and milestones personal to each individual.

I Walk The Walk

I experienced the greatest growth when my potential was nurtured by fabulous mentors. They urged me to grow and learn without fear. Consequently, over time I developed a passion to do the same for others.

Do you want support from someone who has been there and understands your struggles on a profound level?
  • I understand the frustration of never having time to create
  • I know how inspiration can be hard to maintain
  • And I know the despair of working on a piece forever, only to then hate it.
  • I understand what rejection does to the heart
  • And yes, I know what a 1 year creative block can do to your confidence

I have walked the walked,
So I can talk the talk.

I'm 100% Devoted to You & Your Dreams

Time and again, my clients have told me that I’m more of a partner than a coach.
And that’s because, when we work together,
I’m sincerely invested in your development and success as an artist.

As your coach, I will provide a safe, supportive and enlightening environment where you will uncover and understand what prevents you from making your most authentic work and reaching success.

I thrive on results, so we’re not quitting until we get there!

The journey of an artist can often feel lonely and challenging.
You think differently, so people don’t always understand your choices or your vision.
Support can be difficult to find…

As your mentor, I will listen, support and encourage you.

I’ll be your loudest cheerleader. I will root for you, reminding you what you’re capable of even when you can’t see it for yourself.

As your strategic partner in crime, I will help you to develop the tools and strategies needed to move forward.

As your accountability buddy, I will hold you accountable to the goals and intentions that you have set.

Invest In Your Dreams
Level Up from Hobbyist to Professional

I offer tailored 1:1 programs for visual artists like you, to help you build your audience, gain publicity, create your own opportunities and increase sales.

  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Onboarding package & self analysis
  • 7 Biweekly 60-minute coaching session w/recap & recordings
  • Weekly email check-ins, workbooks and reflective exercises
  • End of program recap and strategy plan
  • Personalized reading list
  • Investment: $1,495.00