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How Do You Create When Life Gets Too Busy?

How Do You Create When Life Gets Too Busy

Creating routinely is not something that typically happens naturally for everyone. Many artists, like myself, are balancing another profession, family and so many of life’s responsibilities. Thus it can often leave us wondering – How do you create when life gets too busy?

How does one balance life’s responsibilities and still create routinely? Where on earth can art fit into a busy life?

Well, there is an answer!

How Do You Create When Life Gets Too Busy

Those Little Pockets of Time

There was a time when I always looked forward to little pockets of time to create my art. Whether it be 10min or an hour. Usually, these pockets of time were found on the weekends, holidays or vacations.

But then, weeks and months began creeping by without those pockets of time coming my way any longer. Because, everything else took precedence… and subsequently weeks or months would pass without me having created anything whatsoever.

This was my story, until I discovered something life altering!

And what I discovered would be fundamental in my artistic success!

The Secret to Creating in a Busy Life

Dr. Eric Maisel, a fellow Creativity Coach notes “you will have to create ‘in the middle things’. There will never be a perfect, ideal time in your life to create. There will always be worries, doubts, fears, responsibilities, duties, relationship pressures, work pressures, and every possible manner of life pressure getting in the way.

The truth is… there will ALWAYS be a reason you don’t have time and there will never be a perfect time. So if you’re more interested in excuses, you’ll have many to choose from. But if you’re interested in solutions, here is where we begin: developing a creativity practice.

Discovering and maintaining a creativity practice is THE MOST important thing you can do to ensure progression in your career and craft.

How Do You Create When Life Gets Too Busy - The Magic of a Creativity Practice

Discovering the Magic of a Creativity Practice

Contrary to popular belief…The practice of art isn’t just a product of innate talent or artistic vision. Great artwork is the result of an intentional and maintained creativity practice.

If you can’t devote non-negotiable studio time, you aren’t going to get very far. You need to make art. You need to make more art! Without the art, you are not an artist. Without the art, you have no art business.

So how can you develop a creativity practice? I’ve developed a free workbook for you to use as a guide! Using this workbook, you can begin designing a successful practice so that you can build the body of work you dream of on your terms!

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