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Interview with Halla Shafey – The Globe Magazine

The Globe Magazine

Spring 2021 Issue

Interview with Halla Shafey

I had the pleasure of conducting an interview with Halla Shafey, fellow pastellist and award winning artist for the IAPS Spring 2021 Issue of the Globe Magazine.

Vincent van Gogh once quoted: “One can speak poetry just by arranging colours well”. The work of Halla Shafey shows us just what Van Gogh envisioned as he uttered these words. When you look at Halla’s work, your eyes travel rhythmically across her paintings. Her bold beautiful strokes of colour act as visual poetry, creating a vibrant liveliness.

From a young age, Halla was raised to have an appreciation for the arts. Her father, an economist, encouraged her to pursue art projects and bought her colouring books. She often accompanied her mom to nearby markets, selecting fabrics and textiles which found their way into Halla’s home.

The infusion of colour within every corner of her home contributed to Halla’s innate sense of colour. As a result, it also fueled her creative aspirations beyond her wildest dreams.

Decades later, we still see evidence of the textiles and markets from Halla’s childhood that have lived on in her work.

Being selectd by IAPS to carry out an interview with Halla Shafey was such a joy and honour.  Halla’s genuine support for women artist and positive energy are such a wonderful contribution to this world along with her vibrant artwork.

You can read my article and interview with Halla in the IAPS Spring 2021 Issue of the Globe Magazine! The Globe magazine is a wonderful resource for pastellists and artists worldwide.

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