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   Fine Art    Maskparade – Akwaaba Gallery

Maskparade – Akwaaba Gallery

Akwaaba Gallery – Maskparade

Opening Saturday March 13th, 2021 5:30pm EST (running until May 2nd)
509 South Orange Avenue, Newark, New Jersey 07103, USA
Tele: (917) 260 -9122
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Within Me

Within Me‘, my latest piece,  premiers at Akwaaba Gallery in their latest exhibition MASKPARADE!

Completed in charcoal and pastel, the piece depicts the half truth people of colour tend to function with in society. We should feel comfortable showing and embracing our ancestral ties, our culture. On the contrary, we often feel hesitant because of how society reacts and the challenges that arise as a result. Thus, it can often feel like you need to wear a mask.

Nearly half of minority ethnicities in the UK feel they need to hide their true personalities at work. A study of UK workers, carried out by consultancy Utopia, found that people of colour felt pressure to aspire to a certain expression of professionalism that favoured their white counterparts. Consequently, many felt it necessary to mask their identity and compromise their authenticity in order to fit in and be ‘safe’. People of color are masking their rich cultural heritage and other aspects of difference in order to be accepted.

Ella Bell, a professor at the Tuck School of Business, studies race, gender, and social class in organizations. Professor Bell found that many black women suffer from what she calls “bicultural stress” related to the need to hide their real selves when in specific environments.

‘Within Me’ was created to remind you of what is ‘within you’ and the beauty in allowing it to be seen and felt! – You Have A Place In This World!

Newark’s Finest

Akwaaba Gallery is one of Newark’s most prized gems!  Located in the historic Fairmont neighborhood, the gallery features diverse and eclectic works of art from artists across the globe. Akwaaba’s mission is to engage the community and public with exhibitions featuring emerging local, regional, national and international artists.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or starting your collection, Akwaaba Gallery is a must see!  In addition, your support helps to build a sustainable arts community in the Newark West Ward and supports the work of Akwaaba’s diverse, international, artists roster.

Akwaaba Gallery

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