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The Proven Mental Health Benefits of Owning Art

Fine art is a beautiful way in which to transform a room. In addition, art is an amazing investment which grows in value for generations to come. But did you know about the amazing mental health benefits of owning art? Studies show that engaging with visual arts reduces stress levels, improves thinking and generally increases our level of happiness. The benefits of viewing art are immeasurable!

What Do The Stats Say?

Benefits of Owning Fine Art

SOURCE: Benefits of Viewing Art – by inValuable

Decreased Stress

The University of Westminster conducted a study in which participants visited a gallery during their lunch break. Participants reported feeling less stressed after visiting a gallery and also had lower concentrations of cortisol (a stress hormone)

Increased Empathy

Similarly, in 2014 the University of Arkansas published a study on the impact of museum visits. With 10k students surveyed, the study showed that up to 88% retained factual information from the tours. Students also displayed gains in tolerance and historical empathy following the trip.

Feeling of Love

One of the best known studies was conducted by Professor Semir Zeki, a neurobiologist at the University of London. Zeki’s study showed that viewing artwork causes you to experience the same physical reactions as when we fall in love. The volunteer’s brain scans showed immediate releases of dopamine (a chemical related to feelings of love, pleasure, and desire).

Critical Thinking

A study published by the University of Arkansas, examined 10k children. They evaluated the children’s interpretation, evaluation, association, and problem solving skills. In conclusion, they found the children who viewed art displayed improved critical thinking skills. They greater ability to perceive what life was like for people who lived in a different time and place.

Mental Exhaustion

Visiting art galleries relieves people of mental exhaustion, the same way the outdoors can. As stated in Jan Packer’s study on the benefits of museum experiences, the four factors that contribute to mental restoration (fascination, being away, compatibility, and extent) are commonly found in both natural environments and museums, making it an ideal work break.

Find Your Slice of Heaven with Fine Art

The mental health benefits of owning art may surprise you.
But don’t you believe we all deserve to find a slice of heaven?
They say you can’t buy happiness but this sure comes close.

If you’re an art collector, there is no doubt that you are already experiencing the health benefits of owning art.
If you’re new to collecting art, then you are in for something special!