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Red Rock Pastel Society – Live Chat

A Chat About A Shared Passion

I recently chatted live with Dasha Jamison of the Red Rock Pastel Society of Nevada. Our nerves at the start of the live chat quickly faded once our hearts connected over a shared passion for the pastel medium and the joy of creating.

During our call, we chatted about the various approaches artists employ. Every artists has unique techniques and methodologies. Many, like myself, vary their approach depending upon the subject.

We also chatted about how small the world really is! Despite having several thousand miles between us, we have a few fellow artists friends in common! That of course is attributed to the beautiful pastel community at large and member society’s organised by artists such as Dasha. These societies work hard to connect artists across the globe. The International Association of Pastel Societies is the broader overseeing society. It’s biennial convention is a MUST for many of us! The energy you feel during these events is amazing!

During our chat we also touched on my work in creativity coaching. Through coaching, I help artists who are looking to grow both artistically and financially. Many artists experience challenges such as creative blocks, finding time to create, defining an artistic style… and the list goes on. We chatted about how I work with artists to explore and solve many of these challenges.

Catch The Replay!

Chatting with Dasha was a true joy! If you missed it, you can catch the replay here. Grab a cup of tea and put your feet up!

Red Rock Pastel Society of Nevada

Upon falling in love with the pastel art medium, Dasha Jamison founded the Red Rock Pastel Society of Nevada. As an artist, Dasha understands the importance of fellowship to not only grow one’s skillset but also to exchange creative energy with others. The Red Rock Pastel Society has members of all skillsets ranging from beginners to advanced, each seeking to nurture and grow their passion.

I encourage all pastel artists to join one of the various member societies. As a member you can participate in workshops, exhibitions, conventions and demonstrations conducted not only by the member societies, but also the by the International Association of Pastel Societies.  Find your tribe of fellow dusty finger artists!

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