January 1, 2010

Sharon Wilson School of Art

What a great start to the new year… I’ll soon begin taking classes with renowned Bermudian artist Sharon Wilson.I’ll be taking the Saturday classes, in which I’ll be learning how to use pastels and charcoal. In addition, I’ll be working towards identifying my personal style and vision for my artwork. I absolutely can’t wait… And if any of you know my struggles to find time for my artwork, then you’ll understand that this is the perfect opportunity for me to bring art back into it’s place in my life. It feels like I’ve been suffocating and I finally get to take a deep breath. 2010 is going to be a great year for me…  

Sharon Wilson is in my opinion one of the most inspiring Bermudian artists in regards to not only her work and talent but her attitude and view towards art in general.



  • Bjornik January 21, 2010

    Hi Vanessa! Good luck in your classes, hope you can upload some in here.:)

    • Vanessa January 31, 2010

      Thanks Bjornik! I will definitely upload pics and discuss any works in progress. It should be exciting!

  • Rosalind June 3, 2010

    I wish we had something like this here in Columbia. What a dream for me. :O)

    • Vanessa June 5, 2011

      Hi Rosalind, perhaps do some research on local pastel artists in your area. Some might teach night or weekend classes!

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