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Vanessa Turner - Bermudian Artist

   Fine Art    Soul of A Badass Warrior

Soul of A Badass Warrior

Akwaaba Gallery – Soul of A Badass Warrior

Opening Saturday May 8th, 2021 6pm EST (running until June 12th)
509 South Orange Avenue, Newark, New Jersey 07103, USA
Tele: (917) 260 -9122
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First Class Woman - Soul of a Badass Warrior

First Class Woman

My latest piece, ‘First Class Woman’, premiers this month in Akwaaba Gallery’s latest exhibition Soul of A Badass Warrior! Completed in pastel, the piece pays tribute to Bermudian women abolitionists.

Historically the role of women has been marginalized and fraught with the struggle for equality and freedom. However, even with time, the struggle continues today. Though we come to the table as equal, our ability to sit at the table is limited by society’s inability to view us as an equal. In essence, whilst the world considers black women as second class citizens, their resilience paints another picture.

Soul of A Badass Warrior is a beautifully curated exhibition celebrating the artistic creativity of a diverse group of women. And through our works, we explore our individuality without societal limitations of inequality. Indeed, we sit at the table without hesitation and limitation, unified in what makes us the ultimate representation of a “BADASS WARRIOR”.

Newark’s Finest

Akwaaba Gallery is one of Newark’s most prized gems!  Located in the historic Fairmont neighborhood, the gallery features diverse and eclectic works of art from artists across the globe. Ultimately, Akwaaba’s mission is to engage the community and public with exhibitions featuring emerging local, regional, national and international artists.

So, whether you’re a seasoned collector or starting your collection, Akwaaba Gallery is a must see!  In addition, your support helps to build a sustainable arts community in the Newark West Ward and supports the work of Akwaaba’s diverse, international, artists roster.

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