Roots to Royalty art exhibition Bermudian artist Vanessa Turner

Roots to Royalty

This year has been a busy one. I held my last solo exhibition, ‘Commonplace Beauty‘, in 2013. Can you believe it’s been 5 years already! Well I told myself in late 2017 that I couldn’t let 5 years go by without doing another. So I committed to a date! After deciding upon a theme and identifying source material in late 2017, I began producing approx. 3 paintings per month between January and September 2018.

Roots to Royalty Exhibition

By mid September I had 26 artworks total! Looking back I don’t know how I did it but it was soul fulfilling and so rewarding. I’ve entitled by latest collection “Roots to Royalty”. With this collection, my aim is to encourage and empower those who have been marginalized in both fine art and mainstream media. There is a need for people to take pride their natural beauty and to recognize the strength and potential they have within.

People have an inherent connection to nature, there is a passionate love for life and all that is alive. The way that we feel when we go outside is more than a simple case of happiness in the face of beauty. There is something about the natural world that feeds our deepest selves and nurtures us from the inside out. Similar to nature, people undergo numerous transformations along their journeys in life. Each leaf, each face, tells a story of a journey from roots to royalty.

With influence from the Afropunk movement and afrocentric culture, the Roots to Royalty collection explores the beauty shared by both people and nature through a series of portrait and botanical paintings. By remaining highly sensitive to the subtleties of light and shadow I have created dramatic nuances to depict the diversity and beauty nature has provided so generously.

The show runs until October 16th. The exhibition venue  and gallery hours are as follows:

The Bermuda Society of Arts
City Hall, Hamilton
Open Weekdays: 10am – 4pm
Saturdays: 10am – 2pm
Tel: (441) 292-3824

Roots to Royalty - Vanessa Turner Solo Exhibition 2019

Roots to Royalty – Vanessa Turner Solo Exhibition 2019

Updated: Roots to Royalty – Exhibition in Review

Huge thank-you to everyone that came out to the opening of Roots to Royalty!  I couldn’t get around to talk to everyone but I am so grateful for your support and encouragement!

DID YOU MISS IT? If you missed the grand opening you are not yet out of luck. Pop on over to the Bermuda Society of Arts to purchase an original from the Roots to Royalty Collection. The collection includes 26 new paintings all completed in 2018. Prints will not be produced from this collection, so all buyers have the pleasure of knowing that they own ‘one of a kind’ original artwork.

If you would like a personal tour of the show prior to its close, please email me as I’d be happy to meet you at the gallery to discuss the collection!

Roots to Royalty - Vanessa Turner Solo Exhibition 2019

Roots to Royalty – Vanessa Turner Solo Exhibition 2019

Roots to Royalty - Vanessa Turner Solo Exhibition 2019

Roots to Royalty – Vanessa Turner Solo Exhibition 2019

Life Long Learning Talk

The Roots to Royalty exhibition afforded me the wonderful opportunity of delivering a presentation on my art journey and work to members of the Lifelong Learning Centre at The Bermuda College. We talked about the importance of doing what you love… finding time for your passions…never being too busy to nurture yourself… and doing what you can with what you have. It was a memorable experience full of laughter and inspiration. If you were supposed to attend this talk but missed it, email me and I’d be happy to share the info with you!

If you are 55+ and have retired from your practice, or are simply looking to partake in continuous learning, I truly encourage you to join the 800+ members of the Lifelong Learning Centre. The LLC is a self-supporting, non-profit organisation whose members come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds. With a steadfast commitment to the principles and practices of peer teaching and learning, the LLC offers weekly classes and intellectual stimulation in a relaxed and informal setting. Check them out!