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Is Perfectionism Ruining Your Art Career?

Perfectionism & Paralysis

As an artist, on many occasions I have found myself resistant and hesitant to call an art piece finished, hesitant to share it work with the world, because it wasn’t ‘perfect’.  It wasn’t good enough… But when is anything ever ‘perfect’? Never! Especially in the mind of an artist!

So you know what that meant? It meant that while I was waiting for perfection to magically arrive (still waiting by the way!)… I never spoke about my art, I never declared my art finished, I never shared it with the world or people who needed it the most.

Perfectionism is a terrible habit and I’m here to tell you that it will ruin your art career! Instead of it being a form of encouragement it will become a source of sadness. It will steal your motivation and leave you feeling disheartened and inadequate.

As you probably already know, it is difficult to create with a mind full of self-doubt, anxiety and worry about failure. When your mind is busy circling with negative thoughts, your creativity enters a state of paralysis… and you create nothing…

At the core of perfectionism is fear. A fear of failure, rejection, and criticism…  And as I tell my coaching clients… baby we gotta make fear your best buddy because it’s coming along whether you like it or not.

But perfectionism doesn’t haven’t to be a roadblock in your artists journey. Here are a few strategies to help you regain control and experience the growth your passion deserves.

3 Strategies to Stop Perfectionism from Ruining Your Art Career

Perfectionist Myth No. 1 – I can only create in ideal conditions

Are you always wanting ‘better’ before you start—better space, better supplies, better ideas?

You hesitant to get started because you are scared you might fail. I get it! By waiting until everything is just right, you feel like you have a better chance at succeeding. Unfortunately, it’s just an excuse and does us no favours.

When you catch yourself feeling hesitant to get started, push yourself to begin anyways. Try the 15min rule! Start and keep at it for 15min. If after 15min you still wish to stop then that’s fine you may do so. You attempted, and that’s what matters. But I bet that more often than not, that 15min will stretch into 50min with ease. As one of my clients would say “Start and the pressure will be off”.

Perfectionist Habit No 2. – I never feel like a piece is finished.

Yes, there will always be “one more thing” you want to change. The more you add and tweak, the closer to perfection you think you’ll be. But, be careful! You may make so many changes that you overwork the art-piece.

It can happen quickly, before you realize it! All is going well with your artwork and then suddenly you’ve taken your artwork to a place of non-recovery and it’s no longer what you envisioned.

Practice accepting where you are currently with your work. Call it finished! Take the lessons learned and move on to the next piece. You are that much closer to mastery.

Perfectionist Habit No. 3 – It’s not good enough yet

How often do you draw something you don’t like? And how often do you compare your work to work you see other artists creating – and then subsequently feel terrible and depressed about your own work?

It’s ok, this happens to many of us! We focus heavily on what we want our art to look like. Often, there is a gap between where we are and where we want to be. We focus on this gap so much that we unravel our artistic confidence leaving behind a few worn threads. The problem is that perfectionism can cause so much despair that you quit. And that’s the one you thing can not do! You can’t afford to quit, because your happiness matters!

We must continue creating in order to close this gap and build the skill set that will one day enable us to create the work we desire. If you are gentle and accepting of your process, you will get there in time. The journey requires work!

Remember, you’re not creative because of the accolades you get. You’re creative because you love to create.
So do what you love, and do it with all the passion within you!

Regain Your Power

Are you ready to remove the cloud perfectionism has over your art career and artwork?
Are you ready to move forward and embrace all the imperfections as a normal part of human life.
Are you ready to embrace new sense of fulfillment in your creative life?

Then let’s do it! Through creativity coaching you will be empowered by your imperfections
and will ensure perfectionisms never ruins your art career!

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