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The Tremendous Mistake Artists Make When Trying To Sell Online

The Marketing Mistake that’s Costing You Sales

In your attempts to sell online, over months or maybe years, you may become frustrated because it feels like no one is interested in or purchasing your artwork online. 

And I know that frustration, I’ve been there too, we all have. You might post images on social media, or on your artist website only for it to feel void of visitors and buyers. So, you begin to feel quite disheartened and discouraged. Eventually, you start to question the interest in your work, your artistic style, your prices… and you may even begin to feel that it’s just not worth the effort.

But I guarantee you that more often than not – the tremendous mistake you’re making when trying to sell online is that you’re marketing to EVERYONE.

Often, when I ask artists who they create their work for, they say “Oh I create art for everyone”…

And therein lies the problem! It’s a mistake that’s costing you sales.

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The World Isn’t Your Audience

Marketing to any and ‘everyone’ isn’t a strategy. When you try to market to everyone, you’re using a scattershot method – You’re essentially throwing darts while wearing a blindfold, and hoping something lands in the right place. – That is certainly not effective. 

It is important to know exactly who your audience is (your buying audience) & invest your time and resources there specifically.

Because when you spend your time and resources trying to appeal to EVERYONE, you’ll appeal to NO ONE!

So we have to set one thing straight: “The world is NOT your audience!”. 

Now you may not like how that sounds, but it’s the truth.  And it’s a lesson that I wish I had learned as an artist much much sooner. 

As much as we may love the idea that we create our work for every human that walks this earth – it is simply UNREALISTIC and not reflective of how businesses function and thrive. By being unrealistic (in that sense) you leave a gap in your marketing. Remember, like any other business/service provider – YOU HAVE A MARKET

The clearer you can become on who that market is, the more impactful your marketing and sales strategies will be.

To Sell Online – Find Your People!

Your art sales will only increase when you begin promoting it to the right people!

Based on what you make, there’s always going to be a market that is looking to buy your work. It’s critical that you take out time to understand who your audience is, so you can tailor your marketing and sales strategies accordingly.

Why make selling your artwork a guessing game? It makes the process of selling easier from start to finish

Your target art collectors are out there! So it’s time you find your people and turn viewers into buyers!

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