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The What & Why of Being a Multicareerist

What is a MultiCareerist?

Whenever someone asks me what I do for a living I always pause slightly before I respond. Because I know my response will be somewhat confusing although it’s the truth! I’m a MultiPassionate MultiCareerist. By now many people have heard the term Multipassionate but MultiCareerist is relatively new.

When I describe myself as a MultiCareerist, I am inferring that I have multiple careers concurrently. Each provide financial and spiritual satisfaction in varying degrees at varying times. I’m an Artist, a Creativity Coach and an Engineer… (I think motherhood is a career too but that’s a whole other story that deserves its own post).

Why a MultiCareerist?

The idea that we can’t be #multipassionate or a #multicareerist is so limiting. There are too many opportunities and strategies available to us that it would be crazy not to pursue that which interests us and that which we’re passionate about. Generations ago, people didn’t have such opportunities. As such, over the late 20th century and early 21st century multiple careers became a fast growing trend.

“People aren’t one-dimensional; we are naturally inclined to have multiple skills and interests.”

Whereas other people usually have one main dream and field of interest that they want to master in their life, the multicareerist has a wide range of interests and wants to master them all. MultiCareerist adopt concurrent careers for a host of reasons including: economic exploration, harnessing multiple skill sets simultaneously and/or fulfilling a passion. The latter is my reasoning. I always felt drawn to two very opposing fields (Art and Engineering) but my art fell by the waste side in my early adult years as it seemed difficult to find a place for it. However my passion for creativity never subsided and within the last decade I began pursuing my artistic endeavors with even more energy and vigor than any other aspiration. And today I’m proud to use the term multicareerist because it is so accurate and it’s empowering!

When you are multipassionate and multitalented, the concept of one path likely won’t work for you. You will likely be drawn to a number of paths simultaneously! And that’s okay!

Take Many Paths & Be Courageous!

Multipassionate Multitalented women tend not to define themselves by a single career. Women CAN and DO successfully balance a multitude of careers. In time it’s becoming more common. There are doctors who pursue ceramics not just for creative fulfillment but also for profit, and therefore make time to paint evenings and weekends amidst their busy schedules.

It takes courage to go for what you want in life and to be a MultiCareerist. A lot of courage. But it’s possible and it’s fulfilling! Use your knowledge, your gifts, your creativity and be brave. Get off the narrow path and go use all your talents.

Da Vinci, “Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”

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