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The Work Life Integration Quiz – When Time Feels Like Your Enemy

A Different Perspective

No matter your age, career type or household responsibility, you’ve probably asked yourself the age-old question: is it ever possible to juggle work and home life effectively and to achieve work life balance?

Well my dear, unfortunately everything they told you about work-life balance is a LIE!

Your work affects your life and your life affects your work. When we pour all of our time and energy on one side of the scale, it’s unlikely that we will have any time or energy remaining for the other side of the scale. It never really seems to level out… it doesn’t work that way!

Right now you may be separating your work and passions completely. Perhaps you reserve your life/passion for evenings and weekends only. But it’s easy for those evenings and weekends to go amiss and we don’t experience the level of creative fulfillment we desire. As much as we’d like to draw a distinct line between the two, it’s just not practical in today’s world. As a result, we end up feeling stressed and frustrated.

But hang on, there is hope! I’m going to share with you an awesome concept called “Work Life Integration”. Work-life integration aims to unify your personal and work life in a way that complements both streams.

What’s Your Score? Take The Quiz & Find Out!

Take my Work-Life Integration Quiz, to determine whether you’re about to BURNOUT or LEVEL UP!
Once you know your score, you’ll also receive my complementary Work-Life Integration Roadmap for Busy Artists!

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