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Top 6 Creativity Coaching Myths

Top 6 Creativity Coaching Myths

Today, Let’s Chat About The Top 6 Creativity Coaching Myths!

I never knew how much a creativity coach could make a difference in my life, and my work, until I had one. I went from never having time to create to developing a body of work. I went from confused and discouraged to passionate and confident! And there’s absolutely no reason you can’t do the same!

Creativity Coaching is somewhat new to the art industry, but it is definitely getting more recognition in the world as people begin to experience the value it provides. However, there are a few myths that may be creating some misunderstanding. We’re debunking those creativity coaching myths right here and right now!

Top 6 Creativity Coaching Myths – DEBUNKED!

Hobbyist to Professional - Top 6 Creativity Coaching Myths

1. Coaching is expensive!

This one comes down to value – not of the coaching itself, but what it will get you.  Imagine having the career and life you want, doing more of the things you love, and finally feeling more fulfillment? Would that experience be worthwhile, would it be valuable? And if you don’t achieve your goals, if your creative dreams remain nothing more than dreams, what will it continue to cost you emotionally, physically and even financially?

Determining if coaching is worthwhile, requires you to determine if going after your dreams is worthwhile. You’d be surprised at what you can achieve with the right level of support, accountability and strategizing.

2. Coaching is too ‘touchy feely’; it’s just like therapy!

My clients often say that our coaching sessions feel so therapeutic because of the happiness and fulfillment it brings them. But it is not actual ‘therapy’.

Unlike therapy, coaching is about the present and the future, not the past. As a coach, I do not explore your past experiences, family history or try to change your personality. A therapist’s role is that of a healer, while my role as a coach is that of a catalyst. I help you to develop your potential and improve your performance. The emphasis of our work will be on strategizing, action, accountability and follow-through.

3. Coaching is for artist with challenges, not for successful artists!

Coaching helps the good and the best get even BETTER. While many artists approach coaches due to specific problems or challenges, there are many others that seek help of coaches to create new possibilities and explore new options with support. Coaching is about making you feel even more fulfilled while you seek to build or continue your success.

4. Coaching is too time consuming!

Anything worthwhile takes some investment of time. Nothing worthwhile in life has ever been accomplished without some form of dedication. However, coaching is designed to be manageable and fun! The duration of coaching sessions depends on the need of the individual. Coaching sessions can be as short as 30 minutes, where a specific problem is discussed and we work together to arrive at a suitable solution.

Coaching won’t feel like another chore on your to-do list. It is an invigorating experience which awakens you from within.

5. You have to be with a coach forever, before you see results!

The length of time you spend with a coach is completely up to you. I have some clients who have chosen to have support throughout the entire year and others who only needed 2 sessions to get them back on track and regain momentum.

The most important aspect is that you get exactly what you need in our time together so that you can continue the momentum. Loosely speaking the time you spend with a coach will depend on the size of the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be.

6. I need to figure out my goals BEFORE I work with a coach!

My answer: not necessarily. Through coaching, we will determine what truly fuels you most in life. You may not know what that is right now but, in our time, together we will begin to discover it!  We’ll develop an action plan so that you can make meaningful changes and go from feeling confused and disheartened to inspired, excited and heart-centered.

Debunk Those Myths & Step Into Your Greatness

And there we have it!
Top 6 Creativity Coaching Myths – Debunked

If you’re ready to go from dreaming to doing, and you’re serious about getting results, hire a coach!

It might even cost you more not to.
Why waste time, money, and effort going in circles or making little to progress.
With the support and guidance of a trained creativity coach, you’ll be propelled to step into your greatness.

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