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Why Artists Are Using Coaches to Get Ahead

Why Artists Are Using Coaches to Get Ahead

I never knew how much a creativity coach could make a difference in my life and work until I had one. I went from never having time to create to making time and developing a body of work. And I went from a confused and discouraged hobbyist to a passionate and determined professional artist!

And there’s absolutely no reason you can’t do the same!

Creativity Coaching is somewhat new to the art industry, but many artists have learned quickly that having the right support is a game changer.

  • So what exactly are artists looking for when they turn to creativity coaches?
  • What makes creativity coaching worth the time and financial investment?

Here are the top 5 reasons why artists are using coaches to get ahead:

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The Top 5 Reasons Artists Are Using Coaches to Get Ahead

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1. Safe Space

Artists love creativity coaching is because it offers a safe space.

Many creativity coaches approach their work with empathy, compassion and patience. As a coach, I focus heavily on allowing artists to ‘come as they are, with what they have.’

Creativity coaching offers a gentle, heartwarming experience that will enable you to make decisions and strategize without judgment.

Many artists are often hurt by prior critiques or rejections in the brutal atmosphere of the art industry. Through coaching, we’ll begin to repair the damage to your self-esteem and bring your focus back to the passion you love.

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2. Expertise

The art industry is a challenging one to navigate.  Artists are expected to fill so many roles: creator, inventory manager, marketer, accountant, sales expert, speaker etc. The list goes on and on. So it’s no wonder artists come to the realization that they can’t solve every problem on their own.

Having the help and guidance of a professional, someone who has been in your shoes, can make the journey easier and more rewarding. That’s where a creativity coach comes into the picture. Coaches, like myself, are trained not only to help artists with business challenges but also challenges surrounding the creativity process.

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3. Support

  • Do you feel as though you’re traveling solo on your art journey?
  • Have you had difficulty finding the level of support that you need?

Maybe you’re feeling that if you had someone who truly understood, you could make that next big leap with greater confidence. Support is something that all artists crave, and it’s probably the top reason that artists choose to work with me. Time and time again, my clients have told me that I’m more of a partner than a coach. And that’s because, when we work together, I’m sincerely invested in your development and success.

Artists can do amazing things when their creative potential is fostered and nurtured. That extra level of support means more progress, faster results, bigger reward.

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4. Strategising

The common theme among coaches is that we help you see things that you can’t see in your own business and practice. In an entrepreneurial field like the visual arts, figuring out how to achieve your goals is hella difficult! Artists often find themselves spinning in circles, putting in long hours and getting nowhere.

Creativity coaches ensure that you’re on the right plan for you! By identifying the obstacles standing in your way, a coach will help you define the strategies to overcome them in an effective and timely manner. You don’t need to waste time and energy with guesswork.

With the right support, you can be intentional with your planning.

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5. Organisation

Do you feel as though your artistic life looks like an overused paint palette? Stuff is just everywhere, it feels chaotic, theres no strategy, no plan, and results are far and few in between…. Artists often come to coaches because they feel overwhelmed and need to restructure their processes and practices.

Perhaps you’ve come to the realization that in order to get better results you need to sort a whole lot out!

  • Develop sales skills
  • Build a routine & creativity practice
  • Plan an exhibition

There’s s so much that a creativity coach can help you with.

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Are You Ready for A Creativity Coach?

Of course, investing in things like books, residencies, workshops, and educational programs will enhance your career. But sometimes it’s best not to go it alone. Successful people in all fields know that they need to ask for help.

With coaching support, you’ll travel an exciting journey as you close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Your creative work will thrive, and we’ll build the foundations for your successful career while building ambition and fearlessness simultaneously!

Even if you’re not eager to dive into the deep end of the ultra-competitive market, you don’t have to stay on the shoreline!

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